Elementor Pro WordPress Tutorial – The Core Skills (Part 1)

Learn how to build your first website with this Elementor Pro WordPress Tutorial.

This first part of the series will show you the core skills to get comfortable using Elementor & Elementor Pro to build your first website.

Learn how the use the Elementor interface, how to setup Theme Styles, the basics of working with templates and get to grips with building your first WordPress theme files.

By the time you’ve worked through this detailed guide, you should be in the perfect position to start building your own WordPress websites with Elementor.

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34 Thoughts to “Elementor Pro WordPress Tutorial – The Core Skills (Part 1)”

  1. Great tutorial. Your teaching skills are great

  2. Paul, thank you so much for putting it all together, step by step. Not too fast and not too slow. This is the 5th or 6th video I watched and I was so lost until now. Good teaching!

  3. Well this is surely the best video for knowing elementor for the beginners. Learnt a lot sir! Thank You <3

  4. Simply awesome Paul. Thank you. Much appreciated by everyone.
    Questions. How many parts in total for this module/tutorials? When can we hope to see part 2,…? 🙂

  5. Where is part 2? Have i missed it ?

  6. I was LOVING this until 14:54 when he jumped to editing a page with a bunch of headings on it WHICH APPEARED FROM NOWHERE. Very frustrating! He never said how to make or go to that page :(. The previous page he had us make is gone…It's a real shame because he's a great teacher until that dissonant and disconnected leap to randomness. EDIT: I just made my own page that looked like the one he was editing. I'm all grown up now!

  7. Loving your work!!! Thank you, I've gained so much through your videos.

  8. If Add Section ads a section above the current section, then do you just keep an empty section always at the bottom so you can work top down?

  9. Before you, I was swimming in a lake full of affiliates and ignorance. Now, I can dedicate 8 hours a day to learn WordPress and develop my skills. Thank you.

  10. Really Great video and incredibly helpful!

  11. Thank you for this beautiful explanation .. Is it possible to work out how did you add THEME PANEL to the dashboard?? please.

  12. This is the best elementor tutorial I have ever seen

  13. Best trainer on You tube. Very clearly communicated and presented. Da Iawn ac diolch yn fawr!

  14. i want to use rem unit, i want to change font-size: 62.5% into html tag.
    how to?

  15. after i create a complete theme by elementor,
    how create a "option management theme" into panel (dashboard)?

  16. I watched the first lesson completely, it was very good, thank you.

    I'm wait future lessons.

    following topics in the next lesson:

    How to create and use colors, breakpoints, custom fonts, Default Kit,
    create a section template and reuse it, create a global template, create an option to the panel to apply template changes by the user, how to create a complete template that we can Give it to the customer and include customization options for the customer.

  17. Thanks! Very easy to follow and very useful.

  18. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your nice video honestly I learn a lot about WordPress,
    Just want to know can I make a website like (https://be.kg) actually this website is made by python platform.
    If it’s passable please give me more details which tools and plusins should I us it.


  19. Once again, Paul, you have taught me that I really don't know everything, which is what my wife tells me all the time. I always learn something new every time I watch one of your videos.

  20. Hey Paul ..
    Can you show us how to put some hover effect on each columns.
    Like gearhungry.com

    Big fan of your style of teaching from India..💓

  21. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! When the second part is coming?

  22. Another top notch tutorial of yours. Many thanks. Eager to watch Part 2.

  23. Great video, thank you for all the effort that helps tremendously, by the way, all your videos are interesting to watch, clear and most importantly it doesn't make you sleepy :).

    Now, I would suggest looking into making a video for Yootheme Pro for WP, https://yootheme.com with the latest update, they included the Dynamic Content to their site builder. I think it is a much better solution now, I have tried it and you would be surprised how easy & powerful to use.

    I have made a schools directory https://arrowad.org.ly/schools for one of my volunteering projects easier, faster than ever. Used the Search & Filer Pro just because your video make easier for me to understand, Thank you for that.

  24. Thank you very much and I really appreciate your tutorial that is very clear

  25. Thank you. Very interesting to see your teachings for beginners like me !

  26. Thanks for another well done Elementor video. What are your thoughts on the WordPress Block editor? It seems to be getting closer to what Elementor does without being a plug-in. I knows Blocks has a way to go, but it seems to be heading in the right direction.

  27. great work!! Your tutorial is very informative and helpful for everyone. Go ahead bro.

  28. Thanks so much for this! Great tutorial and some things were shown I didn't know existed. Keep up the the awesome work!!

  29. Great work! Excelent tutorial, very comprehensive, can't wait to see part 2, keep up the great work and stay safe!

  30. Brilliant as always Paul. Looking forward to more. Keep up the brilliant work.

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