eFlip is the Easiest Way to Make Money Selling on Amazon FBA [Here's How!]

eFlip is the Easiest Way to Make Money Selling on Amazon FBA [Here's How!]

Today we’re going to go over how to use eFlip (the website & software) to find cheap books to resell back on Amazon FBA for ridiculously high profit margins.

This form of Online Arbitrage has been a goldmine lately! The books you can source with the eFlip software are amazingly low priced & they have high sales velocities (low Best Seller Ranks) on Amazon already.

The best part about sourcing books on eflip is that you can use the integrated bookfinder to figure out where books are selling cheaper online.

Then buy them from one site (whether that’s eBay or another books store for example) & list them back on Amazon FBA for a profit.

This is just one of about 5 ways I use eFlip to make money reselling books online.

I love this form of Arbitrage & highly recommend it to anyone that can afford to spend a little bit of money & wait a little bit of time to see their return on investment.

The reason being….while you do have to spend some initial money, you’re going to make that money back fairly quickly with a super super high ROI. There’s no where else I’ve seen where you can make ROI’s like this so quickly.

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  1. Every book I've looked to buy tells me I'm not allowed to sell it. Any suggestions to get around this?

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