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ECS (EC2 Container Service) Tutorial

ECS (EC2 Container Service) Tutorial



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22 thoughts on “ECS (EC2 Container Service) Tutorial

  1. Excellent but It would be really helpful if this is through cloudformation as manual process doesn't help in realtime.

  2. Good one, I think you’re calling docker images as containers in some places.

  3. What is the main difference between kubernetes & ECS?

  4. I barely understood half of this. If there is a set of prerequisite knowledge, maybe you could post links to it in the description?

  5. I was stuck when i was trying to push the image, i did a little research discovered that i hat to grant some permissions to my user so he could push and pull images.

    I think it would be really interesting if you could mention that in the video.

    Anyway, thanks for the tutorial, it was really good! Really precise

  6. It's maybe a small point, on another wise good video. The term "container" is used throughout the video when the speaker means "image"

  7. Great tutorial! 🙂 Just one question, in your demo it seems that the running docker container (apache server) uses the IP of your EC2 instance.. how can the docker container use the IP of the docker network and not the EC2? Thanks! 🙂

  8. Could you please tell me , do we need to create a instance before we provide how many number of instances need to run for the cluster? if yes then could you also show how to create an instance?

  9. and supervisord.conf pls 🙁

  10. Perfect videos, no non sense talks and simple explanation.. Thanks a lot.. Keep up good work.. I will be glad to go through most videos and take benefits out of it..

  11. simple and to the point, thanks alot

  12. imo

    Please how do I pull a docker image in ECS?

  13. Hi
    I want to say it is graat video. I am wonder if you know any technique that allows to stop all tasks automatically when new image has been pushed to repository?

  14. aws ecr get-login –region us-west-1

    An error occurred (UnrecognizedClientException) when calling the GetAuthorizationToken operation: The security token included in the request is invalid.
    Yanivs-MacBook-Pro:~ yaniv$

    Can anyone help me resolve this
    thank you

  15. hi!
    I want to know how to using "Container instance IAM role"
    at 'Create Cluster' page
    what should I set the role of permissions?

  16. Great video, although I would like more details on actually testing the site after this all up, maybe provide a sample docker file ready to go that we can use. I had to create one manually and couldn't get it to work so I can't tell if I'm doing something wrong on my end or on the amazon side of it.

  17. Glad to see you're back. I've missed these videos!

  18. Perfect timing, I needed a good intro tutorial on this

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