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  1. Thanks man, I appreciate that so much! I hope we can all continue to gain during these crazy times! Best of luck to you and everyone else trading

  2. If you are new to stock investing. Be sure to consult your tax advisor if you are making short term investments as the taxes are higher. Also be aware of wash sells as that affects your taxes.

  3. You should subscribe to “Andrei Jikh “ he gives great advice on stocks especially if you’re just getting into it

  4. I actually have my postlady's phone # in my contacts 😆

  5. How do you test electronics and batteries and stuff?

  6. Congrats on all the sales Matt

  7. Thanks Matt! We grill out at the fire station all the time, so that will be perfect. Stay safe!

  8. Love to see you keeping it moving! If I may ask, I have seen you sell those industrial size shampoos if I'm not mistaken, is ground the cheapest way to ship jugs this big and heavy and does pirate ship go to places like N.Y. which I was told at the post office they don't have a ground service to N.Y.. Also what would you do if you have a shipment going out listed for ground and there's no ground services for the purchasers address with USPS as a very raw beginner at reselling trying to keep a good rating. I've ate a couple shipping costs that put me way in the red for the products shipping. Stay safe and awaiting the next vid drop!

  9. Are "Selling Fees" ridiculously high in the seller hub ? Like for example, an item sold for $8 with free shipping and the Seller Fee for it is $2.01

  10. Hi Matt, I hope you are doing well. I’m an old fan, watch ur videos everyday. In the reselling game now, made $3500 in sales this month. Slowed down now tho. I wanted to ask that how much did u initially invest in the stocks. Do u stock via TdAmeriteade

  11. I assume you just use a multimeter to test chargers/batteries ? Great content, thank you again

  12. Awesome video with great information! I recently started documenting my eBay experience on my channel. Stay safe in this confusing time!

  13. For Stock I like watching ppcian

  14. I always look forward to your videos. I think I would get another dentist

  15. Safi here: hope you have an accountant because stocks are complicated and a pain to mess with for tax returns. My parents left me stocks and I made so many mistakes on our returns until I decided to hire an accountant. Learning about stocks is like learning a hard language. But good luck to you,

  16. I'm to scard to get into trading lol. I need to build up more capital. May the odds be forever in your favor.

  17. Not about the video, but right now I'm buying and selling postcards cheap and might get into Pokemon cards. Haha

  18. Is that a Part Time Pickers pillow in the back?

  19. I hit cooper up….I think I'm 549? Lol. Nice work….

  20. 28 sales, damn what a day!!

  21. My items been selling on eBay. Sold something today too, but don't ship on weekends.

  22. I thought Id throw out why your sales are way up. Since the Corona Virus pandemic, most businesses are shut down either voluntarily or by executive order and so a lot of people aren't leaving the house and can't buy goods like clothes, and electronics and other goods, so online shopping especially ebay and amazon have picked up loads of traffic due to this.

  23. Wow nice sales thanks for sharing 👍❤️

  24. You may like Andrei Jikh and JJ Buckner for investment info as well. They're my favorites!

  25. I have a questions you use pirate ship for priority cubic shipping. can you use the free priority boxes you get at the post office?

  26. I think you floored Cooper his subscribership (Is that a word?) has over tripled since you mentioned him. You are a humble influencer! Great job!

  27. I've been using robinhood for a few months but havent been on it hard been learning info here and there but im still new to it i would check this out also thanks for sharing

  28. I just went and subscribed. Thanks I am a total newbie when it comes to investing. I’m a newbie on YouTube too pretty much. Love your videos and have learned a lot from you. Thanks Matt

  29. What camera do you use for your “what’s sold videos”?

  30. please please please do not buy any stocks. the market will crash
    watch the hidden secrets of money by mike maloney

  31. You should also look into dividend aristocrats which are all in the S&P500 benchmark index. I usually get index funds or Proshares SP500 ETF is good too. NOBL is the ticker symbol. Thanks for the videos. A good channel I'm subscribed to is PPCIAN. Its a good channel. Also The Motley Fool.

  32. Checked out the Cooper channel. I have never bought a stock trading below $5.00. Try to max out your participation with your company's 401k as fast as you can. For individual stocks look at company's like Mastercard not Party City. Mastercard and Visa are basically a monopoly. Also, look at Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, etc.

  33. I am a VERY low volume seller, but even so, selling more in last 2 days than ever before ! Let it roll, Matt !

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