eBay Sold for Way More Money than I Thought they Would

eBay Sold for Way More Money than I Thought they Would

eBay Sold for Way More Money than I Thought they Would

@Commonwealth Flipper https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJohtR7UmjJ0n3AVaa5TYaQ
@Commonwealth Picker

As always we have the Eneman for sale in our eBay store

Ebay Store

Homeschool Hustlers Ebay Store

Blue Ridge Mama’s Closet https://poshmark.com/closet/blueridgemama

Affiliate Links for items I use on eBay and Amazon

Two in one Tape dispenser

Record Shipping boxes

Amazon Bubble wrap https://amzn.to/3900L3U
Ebay Bubble wrap https://ebay.to/2mTbFFV

Anti-theft body pocket

tape gun 2 pack

36 rolls of tape

Marsh 2″ Bench Tape Dispenser

Ikea Bags

Husky razor blade

Rollo printer

Digital shipping scale 50lb Accuteck
440 lbs scale from Accuteck

Key chain magnet to use while you are hunting gold jewelry

Jewelry magnifying loop

Jewelry scale for weighing the gold you have found

Teal bubble mailers

24×24 Poly mailers

Scotty Peeler
Metal Scotty Peeler

Tidy Pen

Go Pro Hero 7 Black

Antique Booth Pricing Tags

8x6x4 Boxes

4x4x6 Boxes

4X4X4 boxes

Poly bags 9×12 (most useful size in my opinion)

Acorns investment app to round up your ebay earnings and get found money when buying on ebay

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Bedford VA, 24523

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31 Thoughts to “eBay Sold for Way More Money than I Thought they Would”

  1. Ashtray is HAZEL ATLAS in the Marocain color

  2. Watching from Liverpool England 👍 stay safe and enjoying the videos

  3. When I attended college in 1994 and studied drafting and architecture, we drew old plans on a drafting table and created blueprints. I am very familiar with that electric faber eraser. When you are working on such a large print and need to make a significant change, it sure made it easy on the hands to use that. I am a bit surprised there are still erasers that are pliable to be used with it and a little surprised there is a market. But if I were still doing work that way, I would pay high dollar for one.

  4. Hi Kevin

    Lonie recommended you on his channel Shed Flips … so you now you have a new subscriber from Auckland New Zealand. Keep safe during this time.. cheers

  5. Nuke em High is a good one (for my taste)! I remembered the other day that I had a Wii Sports. When I picked it up (literally on the curb) I was thinking it wasn't worth that much and put it away. Now I think it's selling for about $25.

  6. So cool Kev the WWF Wrestling Titian Sports glass 👌

  7. Been doing well myself parting out some board game pieces. That's another thing i like about your channel Kevin , you show a variety of sales of all different prices, and various of things to build other resellers knowledge including myself. 🙂 Top stuff man

  8. My death pile mostly consists of stuffed animals . I probably have 2-300 or more , but I found out there usually long tale so I'm not going to list a lot until I sell some of the ones I have listed.

  9. I sold an item from my death pile that surprised me and what caught my eye in your video is that you have that same item!!! It is on shelf in the commonwealth cabin. Blaze & The Monster Machines Diecast Starla. I sold mine for 34.95 + shipping! Didn't know if you had yours listed or not. If you don't, you need to!! 😁 (ps I paid 0.50 for mine)

  10. Hey there Kevin I know that you had that Rollo Printer that you were having – – – – – that or 100 dollars cash giveaway. The winner chose the 100 dollars. Would you consider selling me  the second Rollo printer as a viewer? if so how much would you ask?  Thanks so so much for your amazing channel and its great content. You cannot realize how much I have learned.

  11. Great video 👍 Question: have you ever sold on Mercari? I started this month. As an experiment, I moved some of my slower less viewed items to there from eBay. They are doing better there and I have had some sells on Mercari. Thanks and keep up the great videos.

  12. Kevin, you've got a great shed to be proud of! I would love to have an Ebay area like that. I'm working out of my attached garage. Not bad but your set up blows it away. Love your videos and your content.

  13. I would love too be a picker. Maybe one day. Just not able to right now in life until I can find someone else to go with me. So I live vicariously through you and paper and moose now. I collect Trolls and PezDispensers not seriously just for fun

  14. Hey New today subscribed too and look forward to seeing more. I came from Paper and Moose

  15. I will know, many thanks for the explanation. 📍 Profit about $700 on my Channel 💰

  16. That was probably the rental purchase price of Cinderella at the time it was released. You're old enough (like me) to remember the video rental days, but probably didn't know how it worked. First, a movie would be released in the theaters. Then, a movie would be released for rental only, but if you really wanted a copy, you could purchase it at the rental purchase price which was about $100. Later, you could finally purchase it for the retail price for about $20-$30. Most movie rental stores wouldn't invest the money into having extra rental copies for purchase, but because the Disney movies were popular, some fans and collectors were willing to pay the higher price to get it right away instead of waiting to buy a retail copy.

  17. Thanks Kevin for all you share. I have a question related to taxes. Do you track by item, or just gross purchases, minus gross sales – costs for a month?

  18. Where do you check to see how much your VHS and DVD's are worth? Love your channel. I watch it everytime you come out with a new video. Keep up the good work!!

  19. Kevin, IM no expert, but I have a couple vintage murano pieces. That purple ashtray looks like vintage Murano. I did look it up on e-bay and there is one that looks just like it for sale. Thats prob in the back of your mind why you thought about keeping it.

  20. Thanks for the encouragement to go look through my piles for hidden money waiting to be listed 💥🙌💰

  21. Love your channel. Since baseball is not happening, We started a you tube channel today. Our goal is to resell and spread some cheer. https://youtu.be/sXPPbdVlr6M. Spreading_cheer. Thanks Kevin!!

  22. Unfortunately, I do not have a death pile due to just starting in August. Was hoping for garage sales to make a death pile. LOL. But I have been selling off things that I acquired as a child. Been selling the heck out of old gaming magazines like Nintendo Power and Electronic Gaming Monthly from the 90's.

  23. Not really death pile, but sold some perfume out of the "to be donated" pile for $110 after watching Part Time Picker. Much of my death pile is stuff my dad squirreled away and is hard to get to or needs to be parted out to sell.

  24. Hello.
    I've been watching your show for the last little while and I love it!
    I think it's a great source of info and I learn a lot.
    My question is about the name "Commonwealth" Picker.
    Being as the US is outside of The Commonwealth, I was curious as to why you chose this name?
    Reason being is that I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we are part of The Commonwealth.
    I'm a bit of an history geek and have been curious about this.
    Stay safe! Stay Healthy!

  25. I've sold Corning Ware coffee pot, camera bag, fishing poles from our hone. All in one day. Happy sales!

  26. Yes… I finally listed some old brooches I had that I thought maybe $20. I listed and within just a few hours one of them sold for $36 and one sold for $76 plus shipping. I was so shocked! Who knew that a Joan Rivers Pin was a bolo? Not me… thankful!

  27. Here's some weirdness that is unexplainable… My sales over the past 5 days…

    Wednesday = 8 sales
    Thursday = 10 sales
    Friday = 8 sales
    Saturday = 0 sales
    Sunday = 6 sales

    How did I have no sales on Saturday? It's a statistical oddity! It broke my string of sales on 52 consecutive days, 4 short of tying Joe DiMaggio.

  28. What was that white thing that you bought and resold at the end of the video? I always learn so much from you.

  29. You bring so much to the table Kevin. You bring so much more than so many other youtubers. You have a wondeful personality and you are a genuine person.

  30. haha tough love Kevin, I totally agree.

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