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eBay manual dropshipping: Full Non-API solution AutoDS launch event

eBay manual dropshipping: Full Non-API solution AutoDS launch event

The event started at 6:15 minute, please jump to this time and watch from there.
? Try the most automatic Non-API (manual dropshipping) solution of AutoDS for $1 including:
✅up to 10,000 products price & stock monitoring
✅30 Automated Orders
✅Lister Which includes Variations, Regular Lister, Bulk Lister and saved uploads here:

Some of the main features of the manual (Non-API) solution of AutoDS:
1) Regular, bulk, and draft uploads with one click!
You or your VA can save the listings, and then you can upload all of them to your eBay store, with only one click. Our new Chrome extension will help you with that!

2) Price & Stock monitoring that runs in the background. All you need is to have your browser open and the extension installed.
* You will not need to download and upload files to eBay manually! 

3) AUTOMATED ORDERS! Yes! The Non-Api stores can also have auto-orders. The process will also be fully automatic, without any need to download/upload files.      
4) Our price optimization system will be supported for the manual dropshipping feature as well.

5) The filters, bulk changes, and edit feature will also be available in the non-API version. 

Try it here:

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AutoDS is an all in one Dropshipping platform which includes:
✅ Stock & Price-monitoring
✅ Products lister which includes scheduled uploads, regular uploads, bulk uploads, variations uploads, and AUTOMATIC RECURRING UPLOADS
✅ Profitability monitor – Save eBay fees with our bad products remover
✅ Automatic orders dropshipping tool including tracking numbers updates and 3 messages to buyers to increase the feedbacks rate by up to 60%
✅ Full customer support system which includes: premade messages, messages management, cases returns, and cancellations system
✅ AutoDS finder – Get thousands of hot Dropshipping products with a click of a button
✅ BlueCare express integration – stay away from an item not received eBay cases, and get top-rated seller on eBay
✅ Automatic price optimization including price raise for good selling products, and the price drop for not selling products to increase the store’s traffic.


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15 thoughts on “eBay manual dropshipping: Full Non-API solution AutoDS launch event

  1. שומעים כל הזמן כפול…… יש בעיה בסרטון?

  2. Why Ebay policies not include in Autods Non API? Theres no in edit item.. Thanks Lior

  3. whats the difference with auto and non?

  4. דחוף . האם יש את הסרטון הזה או הדרכה ב עברית? תודה רבה . menanakams@gmail.com

  5. So does the non api version fulfil orders automatically

  6. im not able to sign in on ebay through auto ds

    getting error log

    when im clicking on sign in to ebay acc then automatically that tab closes plzz help

  7. When we log in ebay through the extenssion, the store will be linked with this IP, I am using proxy with mozila and i should connect the store to chrome to my normal IP if I want nonapi to work? this is nonsense

  8. My key doesn’t work for non api. Please help.

  9. Does autoDS remove Img metadata from source website

  10. When my will you have the show where you compare API and non API?

  11. So have your accounts been flagged using API?

  12. How can you manage 10 stores with non api solution? How can you make 10 stores stay opened to sync price and stock monitor for non api?

  13. is it possible to add one of my own suppliers

  14. can we switch back to Auto API?

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