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5 Thoughts to “eBay Manual/Aliexpress Dropshipping LIVE Q&A”

  1. You use your UK company to sell on or you created an US company and there is avantages ? (you dont need tax expempt when aliexpress is your supplier right ?)

  2. Every Time Appreciate With your Content, Thank You So Much For Supporting, Please Make Video Tutorial On Proper Use Of ShopMaster,Thanks In Advance

  3. J A

    Yes you can use a word "dropshipping". I got my Ebay account limit increased. I made a account 4 days ago and my limit was maxed out. So I called ebay and explained exately what I'm doing and how I'm doing. 10 min later I got my ebay limit increased to 100 products and £4,097.02 limit. It's 100% legal to drop ship. If your supplier agrees to that.

  4. Gutted to have missed the stream.
    Can you please tell me how you deal with the eBay item location when you’re dropshipping and don’t know exactly where your items are coming from?

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