eBay Managed Payments With T Money! BOSS Up And List Episode 97

eBay Managed Payments With T Money! BOSS Up And List Episode 97

Today is the BOSS Up And List weekly Wednesday virtual listing party! Are you listing like nobody’s business?!

This week the BOSSiest of all the BOSSes, Theresa Cox aka T$, joins us to talk about the inevitable reality that is eBay Managed Payments. We cover the basics and answer questions from sellers.

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14 Thoughts to “eBay Managed Payments With T Money! BOSS Up And List Episode 97”

  1. Thanks for this great information! Just signed up & wanted to know more about the system & y'all really helped me!!!!

  2. Takes to long to get my money. I'm a small seller. With paypal it only took 1 day to get to my checking acct. I absolutely HATE CHANGE. Especially changing things that are already working fine.

  3. Lots of great info — thanks for sharing… ~Patricia Kaehler in San Antonio

  4. So Greg moves to town. We take him to World of Beer. We have a nice night together despite the, now suspiciously, cancelled trivia. As we leave, Greg stays behind to "go to the bathroom". World of Beer never reopens – all items liquidated. And Greg skips town from one mob town back to another. Clearly this was all an elaborate mob hit on a trivia host and taking down World of Beer was the coverup.

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful content….I have been reselling for quite a few years and debating starting up a you tube channel of my own, you girls make it look so easy.

  6. Thanks ladies! This was great and I'll be sharing it with our group. So helpful.

  7. Thank you for answering a lot of my questions! Y’all are awesome!

  8. I’m actually excited about managed payments especially if there is an issue with a buyer since everything is in one place for someone to look at if necessary. I don’t mind paying fees on sales tax because they collect it and pay it out to various places and I don’t have to think about it. Everything will work out and we will figure it out in time—probably easier than we think.

  9. Explain how you collect your money

  10. Thank you so much for this subject today! I was ready to quit Ebay because you can't teach an old dog…. But I'm feeling so much better about it now!! Greetings from RI!

  11. Do we get a chance to dispute a return? Does Ebay automatically give a refund without us getting a chance to get item back?

  12. How do we pay the Subscription fees? Ebay took it out of PayPal. Now will not have money in PayPal account.

  13. In the 70’s, when my kids were little, I did the Hormel chili thing to make the hamburger go further. It was delicious. Another stretching the hamburger trick is to add small cubed potatoes to the taco meat. It absorbs the flavors from the taco meat and makes it go further like beans. Yum!

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