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Ebay Dropshipping MILLION Dollar SECRET Product Research Strategies – (7-Figure Seller)

Ebay Dropshipping MILLION Dollar SECRET Product Research Strategies – (7-Figure Seller)

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Do you want to start your own Ebay dropshipping business and quickly scale it to 6-7 figures? Well this video will be VERY valuable for you, because we get to watch 7 figure ebay dropshipper Paul J Lipsky do some product research right on your screen! So if you want to learn from a MILLION DOLLAR Ebay Dropshipper on how you can kick start your Ebay dropshipping business…Then watch this video! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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24 thoughts on “Ebay Dropshipping MILLION Dollar SECRET Product Research Strategies – (7-Figure Seller)

  1. So I noticed something in the video. When Paul was doing product research, and was checking out the pesticide, the seller list price is $11.23, but the Home Depot price is $22.47. That doesnโ€™t add up. The seller would be taking a huge loss on the product AND that is before sales tax charged by HD AND eBay fees, PayPal fees. Am I missing something here?

  2. In theory this is great, but I spent hours looking at products today and did not find any profitable products. All were selling at or below the source price.

  3. I am quite confused Carter. So this is retail arbitrage, right? So when he ships to his customer from Walmart, doesn't the box say it's from Walmart? So the person could go to the Walmart site and see that it's cheaper! Please tell me what I am missing here. Thanks so much.

  4. Thank you so much! Iโ€™m definitely going to look more into this

  5. Thanks for the advice Paul J Lipsky and Carter Maxwell

  6. I really liked the detail you went into in this video.I've been in drop shipping of my own products and others for 10 years and I like the way you have a set plan. Cheers,

  7. Can you please advise if you can still dropship. Although I have a 100,% feedback, ebay told me they don't allow dropshipping. I have to have the item in my possession. Could you please help?. Thank you.

  8. i want to sell in uk using phone and address uk.. That possible? Because i am from south asia country.

  9. Thanks for the video and interview

  10. I appreciate the video and great info, much love friend

  11. Hey Carter, I have recently been introduced to all this entrepreneur stuff by a family member and I am very interested in doing this. I have been very interested in youโ€™re channel, all I have been doing in high school lately has been looking at every type of videos but I just wanna focus on one and take all the information I could. What video would you recommend on youโ€™re channel so I can begin to learn how to start.

  12. Based in the UK what websites can I buy from to do drop shipping on Ebay? (We dont have Walmart and Alibaba never has anything good)

  13. Thank you so much for all these knowledge bombs. Just enrolled in your FREE course. This is actually the first time ive ever clicked a link that said free…. and guess what ITS ACTUALLY FREE. NO CREDIT CARD NOTHING!!! Thank you so much Carter and Paul. Subscribed instantly.

  14. When you check out on the store what payment do you choose? Will any of my payment information show up on the receipt the customer gets?

  15. $2.5 Million in sales? Is that in the past year or since he's been doing it? I would really love to know what his overall profit margins have been from the $2.5 Million in sales. Great interview video!

  16. When i start do i need to register a business account?

  17. Thanks for having me back on!

  18. Thank you! I will definitely be using Popularity Sort

  19. Great video! Iโ€™m trying to analyze this type of stuff before I start trying to drop ship myself.

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