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eBay Dropshipping Debate | DSM Tool Invested $1,000,000+ in eBay Dropshipping Software | Good Idea?

eBay Dropshipping Debate | DSM Tool Invested $1,000,000+ in eBay Dropshipping Software | Good Idea?

eBay Dropshipping is something that I left back in 2018 and I did it for my own reasons. Today, Kafir (The CEO of DSM Tool) and I start the first of a weekly series called the eBay dropshipping debate. I hope that you will learn and be able to make an educated decision on if you should start an eBay Dropshipping Business in 2020.

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20 thoughts on “eBay Dropshipping Debate | DSM Tool Invested $1,000,000+ in eBay Dropshipping Software | Good Idea?

  1. Hey marc,

    Hope you and your peeps are getting better from sickness..

    Is this video still applicable today: https://youtu.be/Ni6PdngWppw

  2. Hello again Marc,

    I have one problem if you can help that would be awesome.

    I have paid and watched the videos. It is brilliant and I tried product research but I am from UK and I can’t find any items from Wayfair, academy, hobby lobby in the UK Amazon. All the videos from entrepreneurs are related to US also there are no updates for recent videos. Can you please help me or is there any email that I can get in touch with you for more questions. I would be glad to hear a reply back. Thank you

  3. Hey Marc, please text give me a call. Been texting you…

  4. Good converse ! I loved dsm but left because of customer service and many problems..

  5. AB

    Are u charging twice for entrepreneur zone ?

  6. Ds wizard tools are comming watch out dsm auto tools

  7. And why do you interrupt when he’s talking??? Can you just let him finish talking????

  8. Why the f**k are you screaming? And why is every f**king word f**k I can’t listen to you I had to drop the video in the middle.

  9. Marc, dsGenie is no longer available? Why did you stop? Perhaps covered in a upcoming debate video? 😊

  10. Many of us learn on eBay which then opens opportunity on amazon. That strategy is fine. For others, just prefer to grow eBay. Marc has enormous experience with eBay and is an industry leader and no longer offers software. His people skills and business acumen fit perfect with DFY service. Kfir is an expert software developer and continues to ride success with his smash hit, DSMtools. Both strategies are working great.

  11. It is difficult to argue with Marc’s logic being involved with amazon – both amazon and eBay offer opportunity, there would not be a single, right answer.

  12. Marc is asking Kfir his plans to continue dsm tools development. Frankly, the eBay market still remains very large as people continue to flock online and others are looking to start Dropshipping businesses with the prospect of work from home.

  13. I find these behind-the-scenes videos very interesting. We are very fortunate to have 2 business owners in the Industry speak so candidly with us. Everyone give this video a like!

  14. Dsmtool failed to track 3 times in the last 2 days i lost 5$ on an item i had to cancel another and break even on the third one😡

  15. Just by the way, Marc, his name is "KFir" not Kafir as you express it 😉

  16. I paused the video 😊. Because your brother developing and you use off-shore, for 2.5 years I will guess 1M (just a guess). Lee’s see!

  17. I already have an Amazon automation store. What else can I get you guys to manage for me? eBay or Shopify store perhaps?

  18. Every penny we invest, as a business, we invest in you guys – the community of dropshippers.
    Don't get me wrong, we are clearly aiming to make 2 pennies out of it, just like you own a business DSM is a for profit software company. For us, the community always was and always will be what is leading our decision making.

    We put you guys in the center, because this is what Jeff Bezos and Amazon have all of us business owners no matter if you're a dropshipper or a software owner – if you put your customer in the center, you have a higher chance to then double your investment.

  19. Hi man,

    I have just opened an account amazon seller account and brought 50 bar code from national barcode, and about to buy jungle scout and start this drop shipping business.

    I want to join your course but I have only £1000 to start with. Is there any way you could help me running this business.

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