eBay Dropshipping 2019 (+ High Value Giveaway)

eBay Dropshipping 2019 (+ High Value Giveaway)

Here I talk about the state of ebay dropshipping in 2019. I also talk about a giveaway for my viewers! The giveaway ends January 13th 2019.

🎉 Enter the Giveaway http://bit.ly/BOOKSGIVEAWAY

💵 How I make money online 👇

✅ FREE TRAINING https://youtu.be/ScwiAELolws
✅ Step by Step Tutorial https://youtu.be/_5tZboZugeg

🔩 Tools I Use & Recommend

✅ DSM TOOL http://bit.ly/DSMTool
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10 Thoughts to “eBay Dropshipping 2019 (+ High Value Giveaway)”

  1. Hey Kirk, great video ! I am Tisho from Trackerbot .We have a potential partnership opportunity.What is the best way to get in touch with you ?

  2. Living in Canada is it best to drop ship from amazon.ca to eBay.ca or amazon.com to eBay.com?

  3. Hey Kirk, hope you have a good new year. Just a quick one, I've been trying to get an answer to this and not getting very far. I'm British and live in the UK. I have a UK eBay store. I would like to start drop shipping in the US because it's a huge market. I've been told I would require a US address if I wanted to sell in the US to US based customers/international ones via US suppliers because suppliers wouldn't deal with my overseas address due to fraud, etc. Do you know if this is true? It personally doesn't make sense to me because I am essentially an intermediary.

  4. Merry Christmas, Kirk. Cuz of your videos i started ebay dropshipping as well. And i got my first 2 sales, for me it' s a lot haha. Gotta keep struggling and growing. Made my first video as well. Guys if u have 5 extra minutes feel free to watch my first video as well. If not then thats okay as well. 😀
    Looking forward to your videos Kirk.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial
    Please can I drop ship on eBay in Nigeria

  6. Hi Kirk nice video again……I applied for the give away …….. waiting for the books now😉…

  7. Have been watching from Nigeria all year long…Goodluck to me in advance

  8. Good luck to everyone, i hope ill win. Kirk you rock!

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