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18 Thoughts to “Easy Front End Login With Two WordPress Plugins”

  1. I am using a woocommerce plugin. Is it possible that once a user logs in he directly goes to the my-account page in woocommerce? Ill really appreciate your response as I am a newbie and learning… btw i subscribed 🙂

  2. After 8 hours of research, I was finally gifted with this video. Thank you so much!

  3. nice man….how to make sure, once the user is login…the setup is gonna bring us to the homepages? not to backend dashboard for admin. Thanks

  4. Thank you for all your amazing videos Bjorn.
    For this plug in, no account is created in the back end when a new user registers in the front end. Would you be able to answer why that is?

  5. Nice video. Thanks. I have tried and noticed the Login button still displays after login in…how to make it show only when logged out?

  6. Hi Bjorn thanks for this. Whilst watching I was wondering why you hadn't used the E-Pro Login but thanks for mentioning it.

  7. Can you suggest any third party plugin for this?

    how i can set individual password on personel in (kingster theme).Faculty profiles are not editable. There should be a login and edit panel for faculty members?

  8. When I put an incorrect user/password in the popup closes and I have to click on the button again to go back to see the invalid login error. How can I make the popup stay open unless the user was logged in successfully?

  9. Is it possible to make the log-in (in the menu) dynamic so that when you are connected, it changes to "log out" ?

  10. Thanks a lot for your amazing video, please teach us how to have register and login in one page, that client must first register after login, thank you

  11. I like your tutorials but I am not sure it can accomplish what I need. I will include my website here only because it's the only way I can express it. In I need to replace the current information under the link Blackoo (NuWTR) Com Plan with a new, updated Comp Plan. I hope this makes sense. Thank you!

  12. How can I upload a pdf file to WP and install it on "The7" theme? Thx,

  13. Great video, but what does the user do if he doesn't remember his password? Can't see a link to "Forgot password?"

  14. Thanks very much for another great exposition of the subject, really appreciate your work! I have a couple questions:
    1. Instead of using a login button in the menu I was thinking of using the elementor conditions to trigger the drop down when ever the users is not logged in so that they'll see the popup as soon as they go to the homepage. Is there anything I'm missing with that design. O [;am on this for a private members only site.
    2. How would you handle registration? Could you put a link with the log-in dialogue or would you use a menu item for that?

  15. Fantastic. I was looking for a tutorial like this one.

  16. Thanks for everything learning a lot from your videos just to know this is about profile builder to login in wordpress dashboard could you please help us how to use it to subscribers to login to my website thanks again

  17. so good to learn this .. Thanks for this tutorial

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