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27 Thoughts to “Easiest Method to Make Wind Turbine Propeller”

  1. I can't watch people doing spot welding being epileptic

  2. He does welding like I do 🙂

  3. It seems to me that notching the bottom of the blade weakens that essential area with no apparent reason.

  4. What is the diameter of the pipe

  5. That will totally work. And adjustments could always be made to improve it, if needed. All by hand, great job and thank you.

  6. Good job! Keep them coming. Thanks for posting this.

  7. You do know that angle grinders have as protective shield right? Be Smart… Not Lazy.

  8. the bike bearing and chains is a great idea as it takes away the strain on the motor's bearings.

  9. Instead of welding one can drill holes and use bolts to secure the pieces at 4:30

  10. مطلوب شرح بالصور لملفات دينامو محرك التوربينات تفهموا صور محرك طاقة الرياح من الداخل

  11. Nice welding, great video, Thanks.

  12. i highly doubt these are balanced and safe also they are not stiff and will flex under spin load.

  13. Mistäs tuollaiseen saisi 12 voltin generaattorin jotta voisi akkujaladata. Ja eikö noihin käy sama jännitteensäädin kuin aurinkopaneeleissa?

  14. to keep the pitch constant the wdith of the blade is not linear but arctangent of the distance from the center .

  15. ممتاز واصل ابداعك

  16. Everyone is copying each other video’s on YouTube..

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