DUMPSTER DIVING “This is NOT the GREATEST DAY to DIVE” We went dumpster diving and we found gift cards. We found merchant cards in the dumpster. We went dumpster diving in California and it wasnt the best day to go diving. Sorry it was a boring day but come along for the ride.

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41 Thoughts to “DUMPSTER DIVING "This is NOT the GREATEST DAY to DIVE"”

  1. Y'all are great and make a better name for dumpster diver's, ❤❤❤, I love the way you clean up the area even though you didn't make the mess, probably left from other dumpster divers. GOD BLESS Y'ALL!

  2. Your steering wheel area legit looks like a clown…..

  3. Jackie NCIS is looking for a few good people lol knowing there was a fight near the dumpster cool detective work 😊

  4. Girls your last three videos have been removed what’s up ? Hopefully all is well 🙏

  5. Jackie you must have huge pockets LOL

  6. My Babygurlz 💖 awww tomorrow will be a better day! U was just practicing for Ninja Warriors🙌💫💕 Love y'all always ❤️

  7. Hi girls. Where has your security guard disappeared to. Not seen him for a long time? I do hope he’s not disappeared for good. Keep up the good work. Love from Nicky in the UK. Xxx

  8. Writing a comment before I even watch that's how good I know it's going to be lol xxxxx that's the luck of dumpster diving you win some and you lose some xxxx

  9. Jackie & Sarah, you two are awesome. Always cleaning up the dumpster area while you are there.
    Your dismount out of the dumpsters is epic !!
    Love to both of you. ❤

  10. Good afternoon Jackie and Sarah! Kinda like fishing… a bad day dumpster diving is still better than a good day at work! LOVE you girls! XOXO💕😘😘💕

  11. I think it’s cool u pick up the trash others cared not to do at least u can say u were just cleaning up if security does come by lol

  12. Have y'all noticed that the lights on the dash and the steering wheel looks like a cartoon character face. Super cute!

  13. Getting a lil dizzy, kinda like the grandkids VR thing they like to trick me into looking at. Great video Thank you for sharing.

  14. Dios los bendiga son ejemplos a Seguir

  15. Jackie & Sarah you are both doing an amazing job the footage looked incredible. Hope you both have an awesome day & weekend!

  16. It took us a while to figure out the best days to go and now that summer is here they changed the days

  17. Ladies a couple of videos didn't you find a big flat screen tv if so did it ever work??!!
    Another good video!!

  18. Awww sorry girls,nada,zip,zilch..Some days you win and some days it's a bust😖.
    I'm glad you girls clean up around the dumpsters like Scrap Dog does,it helps keep things good, you know what I mean.👍😄❤️

  19. Love your videos saludos girl 😘🙋‍♀️

  20. your car is so beautiful cant believe you dumpster dive with it.

  21. Sarah should go with you to the dumpsters rather sit in the car in case something should happen to you and you get hurt Jackie. The buddy system is always safer.

  22. Morning beautiful's it was just one of those days that's all … they happen eh I'm sure all will be well full again soon . Hopefully you will have had some fun scores since you made that vid . Have a good day and know your both very loved especially by me hugs to you and Nanny gurl and pa and those doggies 🐶 😘 ❤️ xoxoxo

  23. That was alot of Eww to look thru!🤣😁

  24. Keep up the great work ladies, great video showing both sides of the game. That they aren’t always home runs. Thank you again for watching and hope you have a wonderful day ladies

  25. Good video girls with ninja moves ⚡️lightening fast lol

  26. Oh oh that tent looked like a homeless person could have been sleeping in it. Could have been the owner of the clothes you found outside the bin

  27. You, two young ladies, are like the sweetest thing and I must say you got one sweet ride there too! God bless!

  28. Hey, Hey, Hey ladies x great to see you! X any dives a dive with you! X take care, stay safe, stay blessed xx 💖💖😘😘✌✌🇬🇧

  29. Jammie dive with the hustlers!

  30. Bonjour have a great day the sisters👍😁😙and think you for your video👍🌞

  31. Traffic cones would be good to reserve yourselves a parking space.lol

  32. Yay a video! Great Ninja move in & out of that gated area : )) Love you my my beauties, 💕😘💞😘💞💕

  33. I'm very new to the channel and quite honestly a little put off that the passenger just sits on her butt in the car while the driver does all the work. I saw her one time in a dumpster gate and even then she just stood staring out the door. WTH?

  34. When are going to answer the Q&A Questions that You asked Fans to ask You?

  35. Just to see y’all is a score for me!! Y’all have made my day again as always!! I could care less if y’all had a small or big score!! I just love seeing y’all!! Y’all are amazing women who I’m very proud to call friends as well!! Tell Nanny and Pa I love them and give them great big hugs from me!! They are the best!! Love your fur babies for me!! Special love and hugs to you Jackie and Sarah!! Love and hugs to everyone!! Keep on keeping on!! Y’all change lives!! Love ya girls see ya soon!! Bye!!!!!

  36. Thanks for cleaning up and suggesting others do the same.

  37. I think I’m the first to comment. Yay!!!😊💜

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