Dumpster Diving ~ Feels Like a Live Ride Along

Dumpster Diving ~ Feels Like a Live Ride Along


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23 Thoughts to “Dumpster Diving ~ Feels Like a Live Ride Along”

  1. Your videos crack me up! The pant find in the payless dumpster – ha,ha.

  2. Omg your crackin' me up with this one! I too am fluent in sarcasm 🙂

  3. Black velour sweatpants?! See?? Elvis IS alive and hangin' out at the local Dumpster! The glittery purple nail-polish stash tells the whole story (as it inevitably does): Elvis, when he crapped out on the crapper, was said to have been sporting glittering purple toenails…

  4. Lot's handy items… with Payless going out of business I wonder if the pens would be worth something someday?

  5. All the Payless stores closed down


  7. I just love watching your videos. I see your hubby loves clocks. We own a Antique clock business. So I never lose the track of time lol. Hubby would love to visit my hubby. Clock talk

  8. It was 102 in parts of my city today…too hot to dive where your sunscreen ! dumpster burn is no bueno..lol

  9. Payless is closing down in florida not sure of anywhere else.

  10. Always enjoy your videos…a smile, great interaction, and an enjoyment of DD are what make you two worth watching! Keep these videos coming…you're appreciated!

  11. I would of kept that pink card display case to use so the girls could display their treasures!

  12. No one got fired they are closing all payless shoes love u amy

  13. Unless you want to stand and hold two pieces of a clock together while the glue dries, he needs clamps.

  14. You didn't get any of the clipboards? They are really useful things

  15. Amy, you are Beautiful, I'm a Amy, too and we are spunky, and fun, and love to laugh, you don't look anywhere near 80, I'm sure you feel 80 some days, I know I do and I'm 50.

  16. I guess you haven't heard, Payless is shutting all shops. What you saw was them cleaning out the shop's office junk.

  17. Hot Dogs 100% Anus, Puckered at Both Ends..lol Prob should filter this LMBO!

  18. Great video, watching while I make croutons out of my dumpster bread! 😝👍

  19. Me2

    I bought a bullet blender on ebay after watching you make smoothies. Made my first one for breakfast – greek yogurt, frozen bananas, strawberries and milk – delicious!

  20. who ever said you were in your 80s must have been drinking. people are so weird

  21. All Payless went out of business. Someone just emptied out the store looks like.

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