Dropshipping on eBay: Starting with $0 (FULL COURSE)

Dropshipping on eBay: Starting with $0 (FULL COURSE)

In today’s video, I take you through the WHOLE eBay dropshipping process!

You’ll see me help Ash set up his eBay store, upload his first listing and walk him through setting up his whole account!

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23 Thoughts to “Dropshipping on eBay: Starting with $0 (FULL COURSE)”

  1. Thanks for the video man I appreciate it.

  2. This is against their policy lol. You can't do marketplace arbitrage on eBay, they simply don't allow it, and you can get your account banned. The only way to dropship on eBay in 2020 is to have a direct connection with a wholesale company and drop ship their products.

  3. how I can buy ebay account with rdp because my account has been suspanded,thanks for your help?

  4. Ok. So once he sells the drone on ebay for example. How does he send the item using alliexpress? Does he have to buy it from there for the $112 eg or do the customers purchase through a link? I understand with drop shipping you don't physically need the inventory, but how are the sales actually processed/shipped. Thanks

  5. Can you HELP me? I’m pricing stuff but don’t get how to pick correct price as in the second digit? Say I had a range of 30.99–31.99—32.99—33.99—34.99–35.99—36.99–37.99—38.99–39.99. What should I pick? 29.99 is too low for my profit I’d like. And then after picking the first 2 digits then I have to do the same for the pence lol

    Also how should I pick profit? I normally make 10-20 profit. So say I have to list it at 30.99 to make my minimum of 15 profit what do I pick? Or should I only make £5 profit or take it down a few to 29.99 ? Thing is if I price it higher I need less sales to make my goal income but lower margin means more sales, but then if itS prices lower I will make more sales? But if I don’t make more sales then its better to list higher and hope to get that higher profit sale.


  6. The problem is Paypal holds your money for 21 days. So if you started at $0 and have nothing, you won't be able to fulfill the orders your customers are buying. Unless you have a credit card.

  7. why dropship from aliexpress ? amazon is way faster

  8. love how you are mixing strategies for scaling up to 7 figures a month with ones for the ones who are just getting started. Never seen anything like this, thank you for the huge value in this video. I am gonna start applying now!

  9. While all the gurus are teaching paid ads, you are teaching us a way that we can generate money without spending ad money. Been hearing a lot of free traffic method by building an Instagram page and driving traffic to your store. But this is my first time hearing this Ebay method. Your the most consistent Dropshipping YouTuber and mentor. Thank you Andy, your channel will blow big soon ! Let's go 🙂 Can't wait to implement this and build another stream of income!

  10. T Y

    Can I do this from my current eBay account? Or should I open a new account since these products are shipping from China?

  11. Awesome video, definitely good to build up capital!

  12. wow one of great video again . loved your content amazing . ty andy for suggestion domain name.

  13. if order palced on ebay then how aliexpress store will be informed to deliver the product. should we have to place order on aliexpress or is there any software?

  14. I would just research for now until Chinese new year is over

  15. You can uses epacket from Aliexpress which gets 13-16 days. This gets quick delivered from China? I like to know what software do you recommend to do bulk listing for ebay and Amazom? Also can you show SEO product listing for eBay? Loved your content. Valved and education. Thanks Sandra.

  16. You're awesome, Andy! Excited to try this out!

  17. Hi Andy, good video, but isn't this against ebays policy and you might run into a few hiccups? https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/posting-items/setting-postage-options/drop-shipping?id=4176

  18. But thé problème is suspendu acount eBay

  19. How many sales should you expect after listing lets say 10 products. like 1 sale per month?

  20. this is so new and so used to!! Incredible value giveaway in this video Andy

  21. this hairstyle looks better

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