Dropshipping From Scratch | NEW Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy! (The "Lucky 7 Launch" Method)

Dropshipping From Scratch | NEW Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy! (The "Lucky 7 Launch" Method)

If I had to start Shopify dropshipping from complete scratch, this is exactly what I would do…

While most training videos for this topic focus on Instagram Influencers, I’ve found from experience that this method is too slow and a much harder way to make money. Whenever I built a new IG page for my business, it was very time consuming to find influencers that were a good fit to promote my products. Messaging them one by one was inefficient and I was capped anyway by IG’s message limit.

Influencers don’t care about your business, especially if you’re new. They have a valuable asset in their IG page & a following that trusts them. They care more about their followers, and they know they’re potentially jeopardizing their personal brand if they promote an unreputable company.

While revenue share seems like a great way to not spend any money, it’s hard to find deals like this. Most influencers want to get paid upfront.

But let’s say you do get a good deal. There’s also a high chance that their audience won’t care about buying your products either. Getting sales using this method is too inconsistent and has a low win rate percentage. It’s really not ideal if you’re just starting out from scratch.

Maybe if you had a bigger budget, more time to kill (but I’d rather use my time wisely), or experience with influencer marketing this would work better.

What I have seen work in the easiest, fastest, and most profitable way is to use a Low Budget Facebook Ad strategy. Instead of having to rely on a person’s audience to buy our products, we’ve got a Smart Machine finding our ideal customers. Even if you get no sales, the money is well spent towards potential future customers. Once you are profitable, you can just scale to make more money.

Now let’s go over my new “Lucky 7 Launch” Method and how it works.
*This must be followed EXACTLY Step by Step or this will NOT work*

Your store MUST be the type I will talk about
Your product MUST pass ALL steps (crucial)
Your video MUST not be saturated
You CANNOT use this Facebook Ad strategy without the above

Running Facebook Ads Without an Optimized Product + Video + Store
Trying To Drive a Beaten Down Car

Imagine building a brand new One Product Store. Then you spend around $100 on Facebook ads. You lose it. Now what?

You’ve got TWO OPTIONS:
1) Keep wasting your valuable time & money praying it will be profitable.
2) Build ANOTHER new store from scratch.

What if you could eliminate both options?

We can do that with a “Branded General Store”.

A lot of TOP dropshipping stores today are general stores, and some 8 figure dropshippers I know commonly use general stores. They don’t teach publicly, but I’m in on the best secrets. Comment below “thanks for sharing 8 figure secrets” if you read this!

For products, make sure you answer these questions before moving onto advertising:

#1: Do you have convincing evidence your product has a high sales volume today?

#2: Are there different video clips you can use & possibly better than the ones your competitors are using?
If you want someone to create ads for you, click below.

BONUS High Demand & Low Supply

Your product has TONS of sales on another platform like Amazon, eBay, other eCom stores…

And very, very few sellers on Facebook/Instagram…

This might be YOUR opportunity!

Watch the rest of the video for the complete step by step guide/tutorial!

✍️ Proven Facebook Ad strategies:

✍️ Efficient methods to find winning products:

After dropshipping for the last 2.5 years, I didn’t like making money slowly or having to use methods that were too hard to duplicate. I tried to figure out ways to make the most amount of money in the easiest way possible and in the shortest time frame. I realized that a lot of people wanted to learn exactly what I know, so I created my Youtube channel. I show you my secret strategies and tutorials completely free on here.

I’ve also created a private, paid training program to reveal ALL my secrets and a complete step by step tutorial on how to go from complete beginner to achieving high levels of success.

This course has helped several people make $500 – $5,000 per day in net profit, which I’m very happy about! Even if just 1% of you bought the course, it would support the channel! Would you like to learn more about it? Click the link below!

Even though this hurts my course sales…
If you don’t buy my course, I would recommend you to support and buy your favorite Youtuber’s course. It takes a ton of time for them to put together trainings and edit videos. 😊

To your success,
Matt Riley

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