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18 Thoughts to “Dropshipping from Aliexpress to eBay – DON'T DO IT (Account ban?)”

  1. Highly disagree – aliexpress is prob highest APO (average profit per order) of any supplier. I have worked with almost every supplier out there. Source : Ebay dropshipper with 5 stores in total over 60k items.

  2. Great video, but most of these Amazon sellers are importing from Alibaba.

  3. Thanks for the great tips. Which suppliers do you recommend for sale on eBay except Walmart, Home Depot or Amazon?

  4. My biggest problem with Chinese suppliers is Item defect rate and the longer shipping times.. if you dont adjust your settings properly people can open item not received cases on you quick

  5. How do we know if the suppliers on ali are going to ship on time or not? Should we say it's shipping from china or no?

  6. Question. When u dropship from aliexpress is there a min to how many u have to buy. Can u get just ine.

  7. Yeah it's risky but as long as u working with good suppliers you're fine

  8. What about copyrights for pictures of the retailers which you take the Photos from?

  9. hey i have 12$on my credit card can i start ebay dropshipping ??

  10. YOU CAN NOT pay .39 cents for anything and sell it for $10 or $20 on Ebay ! NO WAY ! Why are you telling people this ? You can also forget return customers ! Just won't happen. !

  11. bro,. i am not from usa but i have a virtual address in florida with a buisness corporation there .
    i just want a debit card to link to my paypal , what is the way ?

  12. Hi Joey, thank you for your videos, i enjoy them, can you please advise me on something, i do ebay for 4 years in Germany, and my company based in Germany, but i always had my products imported from alibaba, i like to improve it by doing Dropshipping as well, i don´t know where to start, find good suppliers for dropshipping in Germany or Europe, we don´t have Walmarts or Home Depo etc.. here, what is your advise please…. my ebay name is universal-autoteile , i do sell autoparts only on ebay, but like to sell other products, lie sport and kids toys items etc… thanks again

  13. great job .i m looking for your personal ebay course . if you have one please let me know

  14. check IG dm, i had a problem buying your ebook


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