Dropshipping 101-Dropshipping Vs Retail Arbitrage

Dropshipping 101-Dropshipping Vs Retail Arbitrage

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Welcome to Dropshipping 101
You are about to dive into the most comprehensive way to start an Amazon Business. We are going to teach you how to change your life, one supplier at a time. We are going to teach you how to change your mindset to think like a Millionaire. We are going to teach you that there is no such thing as failure, only obstacles that can be overcome. And we are going to teach you how to free yourself financially while building a massive business and creating sustainable, long term income. This can change your life.

A majority of people never start their own business because they put mental roadblocks in front of them. They tell themselves that they don’t have what it takes to be successful in life, that they don’t have all the needed resources, that they can’t do it without a degree or even that they are too late to the game. All of these mindsets could not be further from the truth! Instead, these people just have not been shown the correct steps needed to create financial freedom. Dropshipping 101 will show you step by step how to get there.

Remind yourself every day why you are doing this. First, never giving up, making small progress every single day; and second, not allowing yourself to get overwhelmed. This is detailed in a comprehensive way that other courses are not. You are going to be inside the mind of someone who started exactly where you are today and built a dropshipping business that has made over 10 Million dollars in sales.

You will learn how to set up a business, how to find any supplier you want, how to grow your business and how to sustain that business for the long term. You will have access to a dropship supplier list and access to customer service templates. The supplier list has over 200 of the best supplier contacts to use for your Dropshipping Business. You will learn the best practices for selling on Amazon and how to scale your business to unthinkable levels. This is meant to change lives for the long term so that 5, 10, and 20 years down the road you are still going strong. This does not teach you how to buy from Walmart and sell on Amazon, also known as retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage is such a highly volatile business and your Amazon account will eventually get suspended. This is about sustainable, long-term income where you never will have to worry about suspensions. We don’t teach gimmicks or exploiting some loophole that allows you to venture into a rare opportunity to make money for a short amount of time. This is not a hack on how to make fast money. We want you to be making money 10 and 20 years from now. Retail Arbitrage is a ticking time bomb that will dry up within a year. This is about mastering business fundamentals, dropshipping, and becoming a master of success.

Our goal is not only to teach you how to become a successful drop shipper but also that success will become a habit for you. Start by accomplishing one small task every day. Whether it be opening your business, opening your Amazon store. Or, contact at least 1 supplier a day while adding just 1 item to your store. By accomplishing something each and every day you are creating what I call small wins. With every small win, you are subconsciously creating habits. Habits are the most powerful force in the universe because you begin to do things automatically. When you create small wins, you are creating habits. When you create a habit for success and growth, success will come. It’s just a fact. This is for the long-term motivated empire builders who are seeking life-changing results that will last and sustain them for years to come. If you have this mindset and utilize everything in this course, you will skip the hurdles that I went through, and you will be able to cash-in on the most lucrative business in the world which is dropshipping.


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