Dropshipping $1,000/Day WITHOUT Facebook Ads (Increase Shopify Sales)

Dropshipping $1,000/Day WITHOUT Facebook Ads (Increase Shopify Sales)

Want to crush over $1,000/day in sales on Shopify and scale your store, but don’t want to use Facebook ads? Here’s how you can do it! (beginner friendly)… Instagram: @BOWLES
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Dropshipping $1,000/Day WITHOUT Facebook Ads (Increase Shopify Sales)

This is a strategy for utilizing Instagram Influencers to increase your Shopify stores sales and conversion rate.

Facebook Ads can be confusing and has a lot of moving parts, so there are definitely other ways of driving traffic to make sales. Instagram influencers can be a great strategy, but just keep in mind what you want to do for marketing while you are doing product research.

A winning product on Facebook might not be as successful on Instagram Influencers. There’s some key differences that we talk about in this video!

Also if you are looking to learn how to run facebook Ads at an 8-figure level (even if you are a beginner), I have a program called the Facebook Ad Academy that is coming out soon!

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*Disclaimer* I am not in any way a certified financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be one. Any information or advice I give you on any social media platform is simply my opinion based my own own experience and research. There is no guarantee on anything due to the fact that there are many variables in your success.


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29 Thoughts to “Dropshipping $1,000/Day WITHOUT Facebook Ads (Increase Shopify Sales)”

  1. "Dropshipping is dead" is a phrase that pops up everywhere these days. I find you very trustworthy and would love to have your opinion on that please. Maybe you could make a video on that topic?

  2. Congrats on your new house, looks great!

  3. When you have a page go under penalty, does it ruin your whole business manager? or just the page/ad account associated with the penalty.

  4. I made 100 revenu in an hour selling a massager to a mom niche and made 45 profit but the promo was 40 so I think i need to negotiate. I think that a ad video is very important and to one item

  5. bro your like one of the few youtubers that cover important information
    about dropshipping at first i thought your were a douche after watching
    one of your videos ( you said something about having 50 Instagram
    account ) witch i didn't t believe but know your dropping value booms
    I'm going to have to sub man

  6. Do you have a fb, twitter or any type of social media to chat?

  7. who else experiencing SHIT TRAFFIC last couple of days with fb to shopify ??????????

  8. Are you married? Your beard is making me lose focus 🤗 lol thanks Hayden i paid a fashion meme page last week and wuuuu i got 23 sessions in my store and that's horrible. Should've watched something like this earlier.

  9. I've spent $150 on Viral Ecom Adz and I don't recommend them at all. It's sad to see so many popular dropshippers promote this brand just for the money. Viral Ecom Adz were a pain to work with, so many problems, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes even after the revision had been done, and they use the same basic generic format for all of their videos. Not much quality. Just focus on the quantity. Every single one of their videos had average or below average rankings on the Facebook Ads Manager. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a Dropshipping service. Save yourself some money and get it done on Fiverr for a fraction of the price.

  10. DO a house vid! backyard looks great!

  11. Looking forward to the FB ad academy

  12. @Hayden Bowles FB Ads are performing bad when scaling have you heard anything about that?

  13. Can we pre enroll in the ad academy? Keep teaching bro! We are listening.

  14. You and scott hilse would make a good couple

  15. Hey is anyone using AliExpress, what's the best Shipping method for US shipping as of now?

  16. should you ask the influencer for a story post or page post?

  17. My Facebook ads that used to get 70 views a day now get 18.

  18. This is what I needed , I am 17 and my budget is quite tight so instagram is where I am advertising. It’s quite hard to find a good product for Instagram as I think there is a much younger audience so these high ticket items don’t really sell(my experience)

  19. People like you an some others keep me pushing it glad you post this because I’ve been having problems with Instagram an I gave up bout 3 weeks going now but now I just know what to do✊🏿 thanks man I really appreciate I feel good about this one

  20. Great content bruh☺️❤️❤️….helped me alot

  21. Talking about finding the right audience engagement for ecommerce products while filming on a "Real Estate" investment property 😂🤣 ecommerce and real estate don't mix.

    Great video Hayden appreciate the value with different alternatives for ecom!!💯

  22. Have you always had a beard ???

  23. Thanks for your content ☺️ Just wanted this so badly ☺️

  24. How can you get sales without paying for an advertisement?

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