Don't Sell on Amazon! Make $100,000.00 at Taco Bell Instead!

Don't Sell on Amazon! Make $100,000.00 at Taco Bell Instead!

Selling on Amazon Can be a Complete Nightmare, Bet There’s Not Too Many YouTubers That Sell on Amazon Like Me Who Will Give You The Absolute Truth About The Difficulties of Selling On Amazon In 2020. Heck, Why Not Just Go Get a Job At Taco Bell At Least You’re Guaranteed to Make $100,000 This Year!

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26 Thoughts to “Don't Sell on Amazon! Make $100,000.00 at Taco Bell Instead!”

  1. 你的汉语很好哈哈 you speaks Chinese so well 😂

  2. I would recommend doing both really; have a good paying job, start a business and invest for retirement so you don't have to work forever.

  3. Have you heard of Merkandi? Is it legit?

  4. I can tell you watch Ronny Chieng LOL

  5. Youre making me nervous about the supplier I placed a 30% down payment with 😟😟. But, the instructions in your course about picking suppliers makes me confident about my choice. They've been good so far. 😀

  6. Do you know anything about they supposedly figure it out the best products to sell on Amazon that will make people tons of money. Ever heard of them?

  7. Ok Bill, im confused. Should we sell on Amazon or should we not? It sounds like it would cost us $15,000 to get started? Is that accurate? If that is then I guess it's not something I'd be able to do.

  8. Hey Bill, have you heard of Motley Fool? If you have, what do you think of them they recommend certain stocks to invest in. But if I were to invest I'd have to do hundreds and maybe not even that, just spare change basically so I don't know that it would be worth it?

  9. I got a fake guru amazon course ad before this video.

  10. My day job does not suck. My Stupid bosses Suck-:) And I Want Out Now, Today.

  11. That’s a lot of Tacos, also I can’t believe I won

  12. Hi Mr. Stenzel. I like the new thumbnails!

  13. Also, I hope we get to her the Taco Bill story 🙂

  14. Anything Taco Bell and I'm in

  15. How did they buy StockX giftcards from an email?? Sorry to hear that Mr. Stenzel

  16. Love the idea of giving a prize 😎

  17. Great as always; may God bless you and yours. Keep it coming; thankyou.

  18. Those are very good reasons Bill. If you look at the statistics (coffeezilla has a pretty good video on it), it is like any business model. The vast majority of business is done by the top 1-2%. Now as you say it can still be good but it is hubris to think that you can compete with these established entrepreneurs as a side hustle or something like that. The learning curve is steep and the competition fierce. For most, it will simply be an effort in frustration. You are better off taking a risk in an area where you have a passion for something. At least there you will enjoy the failures and the successes to a degree.

  19. 100k for taco bell. I'm in.

  20. Bill, you are TOO hilarious. L o v e the dog. And by the way, I like when the "weirdness" of a person comes out. No cookie cutter…. well, unless the cookie is inside of the cutter…😄. Thanks for e v e r y t h i n g.

  21. How much is just the arbitrage online???

  22. Like you channel. Always have good information

  23. wow you sound like a hater, hater

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