Don't Make These 9 Facebook Ad Optimization Mistakes | Tyler Day

Don't Make These 9 Facebook Ad Optimization Mistakes | Tyler Day

Does it feel like Facebook ads are too expensive for you? Well, you might be making some major Facebook ad optimization mistakes, like these…

• Don’t buy into the “pixel learning phase”
• most affiliates test TOO FEW ad sets
• better to test massive amounts at micro budgets
• test 1 thing at a time
• pace your budget over 1-2 days
• and more…

The Facebook algo is a double-edged sword: it helps you uncover your audience’s interests and lookalike audience for your offer but it can quickly balloon your ad spend if you aren’t a master at optimizing Facebook ads. It’ll SEEM expensive, right?

These tips alone should open your eyes to the precision we use here at OptimizeToConvert when it comes to “Facebook Optimization Science”, so to speak.

Watch the video, grow your brain, and get results. Enjoy! – Tyler

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00:00 start
01:32 the “pixel learning phase” is bogus
03:48 not testing enough ad sets
04:30 test massive amounts at micro budgets
05:20 don’t test everything at once
06:39 test one thing at a time…
07:34 … then test lander (or audience)
08:50 pace your budget
09:50 don’t spend it all on Day 1
11:00 more learning resources

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Watch Facebook Ad Optimization Mistakes one more time…

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