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28 Thoughts to “DON'T EVER GIVE UP…on your Eggsacks with DTG”

  1. How do they naturally get out of the egg sack?

  2. I think you’re awesome, recently found your channel! I’m from Sacramento, CA and an aspiring teacher. I’ve been looking at a lot of tarantula videos because I really didn’t know much about them due to fear but I’ve been enjoying your channel along with others like dark den and tarantula collective! Keep doing your thing, you’re great at speaking!

  3. Great video!!! Love what u do keep it up!!!

  4. I'm going to guess there are 52 babies. Just goes to show that even if a sack looks absolutely terrible and a dud, still cut it and look through it because you never know.

  5. Macho men can get easily offended. Especially if they are under 6ft in height. LOL.

  6. i hope you can help me with a problem i been having with my sling of a pink toe he hasnt ate within two months even cricket legs he wont touch and just acts like he stressed with his legs near his body

  7. Hey if your good at something, you know it👍
    Your vids are inspiring. I am about to pair my stirmi couple in June. What is best incubator to make?
    I saw you a while back in a video with Suzette from S&S Exotics here in Houston right around the corner from where I live. 😉

  8. You're more than welcome with the birthday gift and I appreciate the shout out, and I wanna say hi to everyone watching this awesome video, I'm guessing there were at least 65 slings there, great job 😊

  9. I'm a maintenance worker at a southern Illinois Wal-Mart. I've been doing a lot of restroom sanitizing and, of course, cleaning in general. We have become the number one store in our market, in spite of a modest local population. We would be selling more, but we run out of many items, especially food. By nature I'm a loner and a hermit, so this pandemic really hasn't changed my lifestyle much at all. I'm very content to stay at home and read my books and play with my thirteen Ts.

  10. My B vagans sac was infertile but believe it or not one spiderling survived. However very strange hasnt moulted yet!?! (Over a month ago).

    My MM P Auratus is in right now wish him trying something diff. Left light off and alone for 30 mins. Letting nature take its course.

    P.s Fingers x you saved some👍

  11. love these videos, My Aphonopelma Henzi just dropped a sac can't wait to pull it in 30-40 days it was a 4 month wait from pairing to laying for my A.Hentzi! love your work DTG

  12. they are so cute it is good that there were live slings in there at first when you were opening it my heart was sinking until you got excited then i was happy

  13. Should link your tiktok in the description!

  14. Hi from the U.K. currently home schooling and getting ready to try yoga with my two daughters

  15. Sending love from Australia, we are also still in isolation here as well.

  16. I have a HUGE Brazilian Bird Eating Spider and it can't catch crickets anymore! It gets tired of eating mice! It loves eating Madagascar Hissing roaches, but the 2 pet stores here in Humboldt are closed due to the Covid virus! Marita can you please have yer ole man J.D. contact me? I appreciate it. Thanks Deadly Tarantula Girl…

  17. It's awesome to see my pet contribute to the hobby, no matter how few, amazing!!

  18. I'm so excited for you and I have such respect for you not giving up. I have a question I would respectfully like to ask you. If you could please message me either on Facebook or email. Thank you so much and stay safe and healthy. Honor and respect to you. Ibnsarachnids aka Rob My wife has been off since March 13th and I am not able to go back for quite a while. So I'm focused on my tarantulas for now. Thanks for caring!!Much Love and respect.

  19. I would say there's at least 75. But if only one or two are viable in an egg sac, it's still successful 😁. Loved the video!!! Tyfs God bless you

  20. I wana get a communal and I'm split between m balfori or a pokey species what wld you recommend? I'm leaning towards the sapphires but ide like you to weigh in dtg

  21. Wow! Such incredible care to take when you didn't even know if any babies would survive.

    Limbani is the same age as Lydia and only a few pounds heavier. She's going to wonder if he likes spiders as much as she does.

  22. Love you beautiful and all your videos!

  23. Lol why do you give people the time of day that turn things into drama ! Lol it’s exactly why I don’t have a channel I even have 4 emails from YouTube too start a channel because I have a amazing amount of highlighted comments and offer great advice without being condescending? Lol 😂 put me in the position of kicking dwerbs Debbie downers trolls and idiots I’d have no subscribers lol ! Great job with those delicate dainty feminine hands on saving those slings !!! Sarcasm was added lol 😂 please keep up these great you content videos I love too hear your stories and how you are ! How your staying healthy during these unpredictable times !

  24. Anonymous

    wanna be friends?

  25. You have some very fascinating videos, all with such beautiful creatures. Wow. I could only imagine being able to interact in some way with them all the time. That's unfortunate, the eggsack not having more little bbs but that's awesome that some life came from it. Cheers, girl! Rock on for keeping up the 6-ft. rule and reminding everyone the importance of doing these things to minimize the spread of this virus, etc. Have a great week 😊

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