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  1. Great video content. Thanks for the share

  2. Did I hear you say $0.15 per book at your local thrift?!?!? That is crazy!

  3. Page interaction and video played and refreshed for rewatch about 10 times.

  4. " I'm gonna start the video your gonna watch the video" lol you never cease to amaze me with some of your comments.

  5. You should let the people know about the Slow Selling Alert in the Amazon App and how you can't send it in if it has this notification.

  6. Thanks for this Much Needed info. This info helped me so much. Keep the Great Videos Coming.

  7. Excellent video, also worth noting that not all dollar trees are the same. i have been to 3 locations and they all have been duds

  8. Great vid bro. Elmo in the box was icing on the cake yo!

  9. So to clarify, (super new here, still deciding if I should be an Amazon seller) you would want to find the books with a lower ranking (per this app) as opposed to the higher? Like I would want a book with 118,171 as opposed to 3,171,427? I'm still a little confused about that. Is there another video explaining this process I'm missing?

  10. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  11. Another great video WBK! I think you can find larger profits and bigger home runs at thrift stores vs dollar stores. But you have to scan a ton of books to find them. For me its thrift stores if I have the time.

  12. In my area dollar tree books are cheaper than thrift store, thrift store is around 2.50 to 4.00 a book

  13. WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN!
    Is there a setting on PB that will cause the sku field to be autopopulated when you scan an item with a handheld scanner, without having to manually delete the previous number and place the cursor on the field first? Less hands, less juggling!

  14. Yeah I always see that sharpie mark at the bottom of the books! Great haul! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’Έ

  15. You can just scan the front cover usually… Even with no barcode, or isbn the amazon app finds it.

  16. Make a video about how to pick a great product to sell on amazon

  17. You need to make a course. Great info.

  18. So interesting. I get quite perturbed at thrift stores, because the books are just single copy. I guess it's because I have to constantly look up each book as there is no idea if it has value. At the dollar πŸŽ„I can scan quicker and less to deal with. There was a scanner at one thrift who was trying his best to get the books faster than me…it was funny.

  19. Our you selling the DT books at new or like new?? Thank you

  20. Can anyone sell any and all books FBA or are some books "gated"?

  21. Steps to do this:
    1. Make an Amazon seller account (individual or pro)
    2. Download the Seller Central App (This allows you to scan)
    3. Optional: Download a database app for scanning books (Scoutly, Scoutify, etc)
    4. Get out there and scan!
    5. Send your books to amazon through your β€œSend/Replenish FBA inventory option.
    6. Profit!
    Always love your videos my man! Keep up the solid inspiration!

  22. All resellers every time a video comes out like this it will harm the source. Any items you have got from DT RECENTLY I WOULD Not send in now especially any of these titles. I will never understand this. These guys do not depend on the stuff they whore out for clicks and views and if you do not realize this you are dumb as a bag of πŸ’© just saying just saying. Nothing like finding a boat load of gold to find it being used for click bait.

  23. You can also scan the front cover of the book where it has the title and author, and all the selling options for the book come up. i.e. Hardcover, paperback, MP3 CD, etc. Just a tip to save time!

  24. Hey! That's me! I"m an official WBK OG 😎πŸ”₯Love ur content bro…leaving the job job in two months to go ft reselling…so stoked! I've def learned a lot from you and keep learning. Appreciate it brother!

  25. Another great video.Thank you for sharing and for your time and advice as well as your hard work.

  26. I find you brilliant. I am a new. Can you please tell me how to ship the books to Amazon cheaply? Thank you.

  27. Have you thought about doing a review of scout IQ? I know it is more expensive and you can't scan dollar tree books but it seems like it would make thrift store books (or any books you can scan) much faster. Not to mention it seems like the pre-sets are idiot proof.

  28. Thanks for another great video!!

  29. How does payablilty work if you have a return?

  30. I like the split screen.

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