Dollar General Retail Arbitrage – How ANYONE Can Make Easy Money Selling on Amazon and Ebay

Dollar General Retail Arbitrage - How ANYONE Can Make Easy Money Selling on Amazon and Ebay

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32 Thoughts to “Dollar General Retail Arbitrage – How ANYONE Can Make Easy Money Selling on Amazon and Ebay”

  1. This is a lie. You're not calculating the gas money or your time. How much do you charge for one hour of your time, if you were to agree to work for someone else? Minimum wage is $11 now in my state. So you spent 15 minutes shopping, 15 minutes driving home plus gas, 15 minutes listing and packing, and 15 minutes driving to the post office, plus gas. No offense, but there is no way in hell you are making any money whatsoever doing this.

  2. Do you auction or “Buy it Now”?

  3. I penny shop here and get hundreds of things for a penny each

  4. Dollar General are popping up everywhere in the south. Just about every community has one around here. I see racks of clothes on clearance outside the store and want to go check them out.

  5. A good idea is to also sign up for a cash rebate program where you get cash back for buying online from stores like Dollar General, Amazon, and many more. That way you decrease the cost and increase your profit. I use that to get money back when I buy from supplier to sell on eBay.

  6. Great and informative video!

  7. @Thriftschool great nuggets of Gold I do not mind spending a $1 and Making $1.50 probably not the glass but the AW Water Inhancer. Thank you for the video found very interesting.

  8. Thanks for sharing a very informative video, didn't think dollar general would have that much good stuff.

  9. lot of lies in this vid…disappointed tbh. the valentina sauce listing is a 2 pack. a couple other examples u ignore that they are multi packs..

  10. how do you know people are buying that hot sauce? amazon doesn't share any 'sales' history like ebay does. I watch yours and others videos about arbitrage but never see any 'proof in the puddin.' 5 different sellers can ask from $4-8 for that hot sauce, doesn't mean any of them are selling any of them. Right? or am I wrong? personally I'll stick with Ebay like I have for 20yrs. Much easier to check 'Sold' listings and know exactly what kind of profit you can expect.

  11. Is there any sold section on amazon to check for how much the item is really selling for. Ebay does have a sold section

  12. Do you have a guide on restricted categories, what steps to take etc

  13. Take that $5/$25 coupon on that bottom of the receipt on Saturdays, and save more.

  14. You have to watch so called 'clearance' at DG. They stick stuff there that is not on clearance just to get rid of it. You take to the register and it is full price. Most people buy it anyway. That is how they get you.

  15. To bad they didn't have a Price check Box in the middle of the rows

  16. Loved the dollar general , please do more maybe hit Wallgreens, CVS?

  17. ALWAYS be careful at Dollar General and Dollar Tree on package sizes. Lots of food and health/beauty items will sned smaller items to those stores (e.g. 12oz package of Oreos instead of 16oz in the grocery store).

  18. So why would people pay more on Amazon if they can buy it for cheaper at Dollar General or somewhere else??? This seems like way to much of a hassle when everything’s said & done

  19. you called it "ree sees" i wanna unsub now

  20. Hi, love your video's you were saying the amazon scanning app is free I thought you had to have an amazon seller account? so this is possible? Thank you for your time!

  21. More arbitrage please 🙂

  22. you are obviously good at making an income from what you do. Would you be prepared to show how you work a savings plan/goals from after you have made the income? That would also be interesting to see how you work that out from what you do.

  23. I am always interested in getting ideas!

  24. Years ago when I was living in Miss. I found football jacket for $15 with the org price of $95 on it, I sold it last year for $55 on FB Market.

  25. It’s a Dollar General it should be a Dollar

  26. Jesse if you're where I think you are there's spose to be a Eblens clerance outlet .All Nike /Adidas type stuff 👍

  27. I look stuff up like games and odds and ends and that all the time in Wal-Mart to make profit then I buy the stuff go home and put it on eBay and mercari and it doesn't sale

  28. can you use the "Amazon seller app" if you don't have a seller account?

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