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  2. Bargain Beauty my stores are the same way! I went Sunday and all the tags were taken down so I just forgot it. I wish DG would get their act together and make shopping there easier! There was only one panel of curtains left at the DG I went to. It didn’t have all those cute things you were looking at.

  3. Nothing at any of our stores rang up any of these prices!

  4. Arrrrggggg! I went to 6 stores trying to find more of the Cooper curtains, I bought 3 and thought oh I can find more LOL. No luck and here you found a few…..oh well. :O would love to have just one more panel, at least. Thanks for the upload.

  5. They're 50% off the sticker price

  6. Hi bargain Beauty I wanted to know if you found this yet , I went to the Dollar Tree today.. I can't take a picture of it but if the Cold Stone Creamery birthday cake remix is flavored hot beverage its cocoa mix Cold Stone has flavored hot beverage is with natural artificial flavors of cake batter brownie fudge and rainbow sprinkles.

  7. So late….I should have subscribed sooner…I really would have racked up on those sales at Dollar General…

  8. I just got back from the last day.and the last store I went to looks like no ones been there.they had all the good stuff.jiff,gillette,febreeze and gain.they had to manually put it in for 50%off even though alot should have been 75 but still good deals!

  9. yeah i have no price checker. all of three employees were buying eveything up. mine was cleared out Friday. such bull. I think they made sure nothing was left for patrons. i saw 10 percent off on candles and that's it

  10. I like the curtains.. let us see what they look like when you hang them up ?? Thanks for all you do Amy!💞💞

  11. I didn’t even know they were having such a huge sale until I saw your videos, so I went today because I needed new texting gloves. Got 2 pairs for like .75 each. 😊😊😊

  12. I just came back from DG. They had Barbasol Razors on clearance for $2.25. I also had Barbasol coupons for $2.00 off but the manager would not take them because they expired yesterday 🙁

  13. I went there after watching your video yesterday and got some of those baskets!!! And a few other things too!! TFS!

  14. Cheers been busy been missing deals 🙁

  15. Our store was down to nothing yesterday… Hugs~ Lea

  16. I see pennies items! Those hostess petites

  17. My stores would not clearance any of the paper products because they said it was pending discontinued 😡

  18. I went last night seen one of the girls ripping the orange tags down, I said to her isn't the sale also tomorrow I think I shocked her because she didn't see me. I was just so discussed with most of the employees behavior yesterday, and so much stuff that clearly was included in the sale not marked you ask for them to scan it on the hand held but no one seems to know where the scanner is. Such a shame because most of the things I get I send to my son and his guys that are in Afghanistan. So I will not be shopping at DG again.

  19. Been putting Thumbs up in your videos…Haven't commented to much being in pain and all…Love ya…Keep up the good work…TYFS…

  20. It was right there. 😂😂

  21. Love when you ley us know about these sales thank you so much.

  22. I need check this out but I'm out of money 😥

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