Digital Clutter

Digital Clutter

Joshua & Ryan talk about digital clutter, technological exhaustion, quitting social media, and overall online health with their friend Cal Newport, author of the new book Digital Minimalism. Watch “Maximal” episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast exclusively at

Questions answered in this episode:

How do I overcome the guilt I feel when I unfollow friends and family on social media? (1:33)

How can my company or brand remain relevant without a constant media presence? (23:06)

How do I keep up with work without drowning in information? (26:40)

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36 Thoughts to “Digital Clutter”

  1. What other blogs are you signed up to?

  2. great podcast! thanks guys for bringing Cal!

  3. I watched his Ted Talk long time ago on my journey to quit social media.

  4. Even when my friend buy's a new phone I feel a part of me is tempted to buy a new phone too, I think it's the comparison too, just on a smaller scale. Once my phone is working fine though I won't upgrade, trying not to keep up with technology anymore, especially when most phone for 150 Euro are plenty good, but yeah 😂

  5. Real friends don't care if you follow them or not – that's so true.

  6. Thank you for this. I was hoping you two would collab with Cal 🙂

  7. I really enjoy listening to Cal… What an interesting and intelligent guy. This conversation was very useful.

  8. That was absolutely awesome, and that exciting moment when someone articulates so perfectly what I feel but can't quite explain. Especially the description of facebook interaction! Well done.

  9. I've just bought 'digital minimalism' on audible. Looking forward to hearing that. Great podcast guys!

  10. Guys check out on youtube short film social media addiction "percentage of life " unreal

  11. The book is on its way since signing up to facebook in 2009 i became more unsocial more isolated and more socially anxious ! Over it thanks cal !

  12. I signed up for Facebook sometime in 2009-2010. I used it until the end of 2010. Then I used it again for the entirety of 2012. Then I don't use it anymore except for opening a specific page because I have project in that page of Facebook. I only ever opened the Home/Feed page of Facebook on the first year I used Facebook. It created so much drama considering I was only a high school student then. Some good things happened, indeed, but I feel like the clutter the social media made is terribly unnecessary for my life.

    Now I can say it's almost a decade since I used social media the way people usually use it (open, check statistic, look at feed, etc.) and it's quite a solitude life. I catch up with my friends when I meet them. They always know something I don't, but then they'll tell me what is it and they got to enjoy my response to whatever is currently hot right now. I do think that so many of people's mental health being damaged by using social media, but I can't exactly stop people to use them, even if I know it's harmful for them.

    This is an interesting video. I just wish that more people either have the ability to utilise social media properly or just stop using it entirely if they no longer had control and or use over it.

  13. Ahhhhhh I need to delete facebook. 😣

  14. The irony is that i had this playing in the background as i scrolled through Facebook. I hardly payed attention. Yikes

  15. I really agree with that we as humans are designed to be interacting in real life to get authentic connections. When one of my friends gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter I wasnt able to see my friend because she doesnt live close to me. I didnt want to call her beeing busy with her new familiy or just send her a text. I wanted to do something special so I sent her flowers with a few kind words written on a card. She got the flowers next day and she told me she started crying because she was so happy I took the time to pick flowers and pick the words just for her and her family. Her words about the flowers ment so much to me. More than any like or comment on instagram ever could.

  16. I am truly touched by this and by all three of your paths and work and have been for years now, but you are missing something every strong, simply because you haven't had an experience of it yourself: Facebook Groups. Now, it might be niche, it might be special to women, but the links found and shared in a common experience through the simplicity of a Facebook group realises itself completely outside of the simple setting of 'ads or consumption' that you are drawing up for the use of Social Media. There IS a bit more nuance to this and I would actually like to have a sociologist start looking into FB, Twitter, Instagram as a community building force when used intentionally and with discernment.

  17. Please for anyone reading this, don't just throw away to achieve a more minimalistic home, do think of the environment. Do try to use up as long as something is still good to use. Do try to give away to someone who can use what you're thinking about getting rid of. Just throwing perfectly good skincare/makeup/bathroom products away is SUCH a waste. And if you stick with your products, trying to use them up BEFORE purchasing something new, you'll be less likely to buy multiple in the future, cause you will know how long it will take to use something up. The environment thanks you!

  18. Wow, this is really encouraging. I wasn't really aware of the dissatisfaction that comes with "easy" reactions to online content.

  19. I had more than 250 friends in Facebook. I unfriended all of them last year and stopped using Facebook to connect with people. The connection in facebook seemed fake and artificial. It is much better to call friends and family and talk to them directly.

  20. my name is Bob and I have an addiction. For me I have had to stop because of the twitch and the anxiety the social media gives me. If I post I am then constantly checking for replys and it's ashame because some times I really want to put out be that a quote or a picture. But the twitch and anxiety gets far to much so I am 22 days clean.

  21. But how am I meant to stalk a guy if he has no social media?! Or should I take it as a sign he's a spy? Seriously though, I just deleted some of my more, eh, misguided musical downloads. Now my MP3 is all killer; no filler. Love you guys!

  22. Is the episod on patroen already?

  23. I like the mute button, especially on Instagram. That way you can follow people and message them back and forth when you want to talk to friends but you aren’t forced to see all the staged photos and stories. That way you don’t have to unfollow and hurt anyone’s feelings, but you can still protect your own mental health. That’s another reason why I enjoy Twitter because it feels more like talking to friends about things you enjoy or feel are important to share and reading people’s post that add value to your life instead of showing off photos to brag. I only have Twitter & a small private IG instead of adding on FB, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc. That’s another way I try to keep it minimal. 🙂

  24. I love Minimalism. It makes me happy 😊

  25. I didn't LIKE this video cuz it's almost an insult. Kidding. I stopped logging in my FB and Instagram 2 months ago. It didn't change a lot in my life but now I have more time to do other meaningful things like watching this video clip. Haha. And I got the idea from this clip of unfollowing or unfriending everyone and starting following again from the scratch only people I like to hear from and people who care about me so want to follow me again. I love this clip and really want to read the book Digital Minimalism, but I'm Korean and I think it's not translated in Korean yet. I hope it's published in Korean soon. Thank you for this great episode.

  26. Fantastic discussion and great, relatable insights. Going to share this with all my . . . oh wait.

  27. I realized I'm basically holding onto my Facebook account right now as a digital photo album. I don't want to take up space on my computer and every once in a while I want to see how some distant relative is doing yet I don't really wanna talk to them. But that says more than I thought. Might be deleting it altogether soon, thanks for the push!

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