Dame Dash, Gary Vee, Kiyosaki Give ADVICE on the Recession, Coronavirus & Money! | #WithMe

Dame Dash, Gary Vee, Kiyosaki Give ADVICE on the Recession, Coronavirus & Money! | #WithMe

In the light of the global epidemic of coronavirus, covid-19, we are sharing with you advice on the recession, coronavirus and money! Stay safe! #WithMe

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https://youtu.be/tv3ArzTITH8 Lewis Howes
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https://youtu.be/MK05RgaWPEw Grant Cardone

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29 Thoughts to “Dame Dash, Gary Vee, Kiyosaki Give ADVICE on the Recession, Coronavirus & Money! | #WithMe”

  1. What is that girl doing??? Is she even listening. She is just modelling into the camera.

  2. I love Robert Kiyosaki! His BOOK "Rich Dad Poor Dad" changed my life forever!!! He gave me perspective. This was the missing link!!!

  3. Gary v always on point … 👍

  4. Very good info now gotta put it in action!!!

  5. I like the one who speak energy Evan thanks

  6. This virus is going to make some permanent changes in our society and in our lives. The wise person will start identifying what those changes will be and begin taking appropriate action. As with every big change, lots of new opportunities will open up – we just have to look for them. HINT: Politicians have no clue about this. Our common sense and instincts will be much more reliable.

  7. It’s all about asking good questions of yourself and being resourceful Grant putting forward the three question rule, love that, what 3 things could you do today to move you forward? Whatever your challenge is right now deal with the facts, try not to be impacted by the emotion and remember your thoughts generate the emotions, so if you can control your thoughts you can control how you feel. Just deal with facts, ask questions around how you can deal with those facts. If you’ve lost your job ask an empowering question around how can you be resourceful now and based on what you have? How could you serve people and add value to their lives. That may serve to be the opportunity to start on your own, or helping someone who may lead you to a job if that’s what you want. You are only restricted by the limits you place on yourself. So it’s one you, decide what it’s going to be. Love the content as always Evan, thanks to V for responding as always. Stay safe everyone. 💪 #Believe #BTA553 #inspirationnation

  8. Grant at the end was good. My version of it. Find 3 things to focus on and build. You don’t have to change the world. Just those 3 things. Work on them and you will move the dial positively in your life.

    i admire you i salute you even!!!here in europe also os the covid-19 crisis but i have lerned from you the most important lesssons:
    1.surrround yourself with healthy people .choose to look for the people who knows to make money!!
    2.play to win
    3.tell the real truth
    4.report big problems-that you want to resolve!take action!-so you can take action in resolving them!
    5.speak to yourself-ask for help!ask for SOS-get rid me of the poverty!MAKE MONEY

  10. I love Evan so much and his love for entrepreneurship and he make me to believe in my self and he is the one who motivate me to create my own channel….pls check it out💖💖💖💝💝💝

  11. It is time to give up business or lives of middleman and start sowing seeds. If you don't have land, get some soil, fertiliser and used a cement vase or big containers to sow your seeds on terraces, something that you can eat or having a medicinal value. If have land, grow as much vegetables or crops to be self sufficient.

  12. This is Planned people , see it ..

  13. Really appreciate this video. Staying motivated right now by prayer, watching videos and making YouTube video for my channel, and spending more time with my kids. Be blessed!

  14. Listen to the old lazzy looking man and you will do good

  15. They not slick i can hear them vibing to K dot TPAB.

  16. Maybe they might get bought out at dirt cheap prices.

  17. Great advice on money and recession. Am learning alot

  18. Kiyosaki has been predicting this crash for quite some time. I have followed him for years and have been preparing for this day. 😉

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