Custom WordPress Blog Page with Elementor 2.0


Custom WordPress Blog Pages with Elementor 2.0 – The forthcoming Elementor Pr 2.0 opens up a world of customization to your WordPress website and blog.

In this video we concentrate on creating custom blog pages and custom blog archive pages with the beta release of Elementor 2. for WordPress.

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34 Thoughts to “Custom WordPress Blog Page with Elementor 2.0”

  1. Custom WordPress Blog Pages with Elementor 2.0 – The forthcoming Elementor Pr 2.0 opens up a world of customization to your WordPress website and blog.

  2. Great to hear a fellow Welsh accent 🙂

  3. My drop down is different I can choose single from top one but the second one wants me to choose post or page or a few other things. I guess it is page then I would add posts?

  4. I get the understanding but will have to switch to someone else video to understand the steps, you sound like you are teaching yourself and not you viewers, I unsubscribe at the end.

  5. Thanks man! You are great!

  6. Great tutorial, the only hiccup is that you want your posts to display on a blog page. Your'e displaying categories on the front which Google isn't particularly fond of. From an SEO stand point it's not great but from a designer stand point it gets the job done. Nice work.

  7. WOW ! Exactly what I was searching for ! Thx a lot !

  8. I am a little stuck on adding a sidebar with elementor/astra, and this video did not cover that.

  9. I am using elementor and every time I add a new box and put whatever in it it will only locate on the right side of the page, How can i get these boes to spread across the entire page?!?!

  10. when i opened my post to start my template all my header and footer appeared all over the page and squashed up! why did this happen? I cant build the template

  11. FINALLY found something that presents the entire package. I've struggled with Elementor single post for over a week. I read and read E documents, but nothing made clear that the single and archive templates do not operate the same as page templates. Thank you for explaining the difference as you detailed the single and archive page templates and functions. You must be an educator at heart.

  12. This whole tutorial is for Elementor Pro – The whole Template section is completey different in the Free Elementor 2.1.4, there are only Content and Section Options for a new Template and so on so forth. Would appreciate a tutorial on the same subject but for the Free Elementor 2.1.4 please. Thanks

  13. You didn't say anything about the Comments section, which was what I'm specifically interested in. I've created a single page template and now can't figure out how to add a comment section at the bottom. None of the plugins — for WP, WPOcean or Elementor Pro – seem to work.

    I'm about to redo what I did in the Blog template and hope a Comments section is build in.

  14. Great video! However, once I have made my archive template and placed it onto the page I wish it to be, it does not show anything.

    ps. I have also created the posts I wish to be included too.

  15. Felicitaciones… Excelente video..

  16. Hi, I was wondering whats the difference if I were to simply create a tab and name it "Blog" and then keep adding sections for text, photos and videos vs. actually creating a blog template as you've shown in the video? Would it work the same or would creating a blog the way you've shown be better for SEO? Sorry but I'm new to Elementor so it seems a bit confusing. Thank you for your response in advance, I do appreciate it!

  17. I noticed your example blog post didn't utilize headlines. If I want to change the font used in a blog post's headline, do I do it with Elementor, or my theme? I can't seem to find the right settings in the Post Content widget for anything other than the body text, and the Default Fonts don't have settings that seem to affect the blog post's headlines (not sure how Elementor defines "Primary Headline" and "Secondary Headline" outside of the post title). Near as I can tell, I have to do it with custom CSS.

  18. I have 1 question
    Can you set the Blog page (in the Reading section of the Settings in the Dashboard) to the archive page you just created with posts ?
    Sorry for the headache but I'm a bit confused… :))

  19. How do you combine with non dynamic sections, let's say I want a text block or a image carousel in the template but I need to be able to edit inside the blog post itself

  20. hello, great video. so we also make a blog post from this turorial. so whats is different if i make a blogpost from my page as my default postpage static? ( i wanna tell you that i get some problem with elementor pro with i can't edit my postpage as my blog after i turn on my static post page as my blog, can you help to fic this problem?)

  21. I am tired of all these theme builders and libraries/framework that made all web look boring and the same.

  22. i love that you're welsh. I have never come across a welsh person on youtube before 🙂 thanks for the vid!

  23. You say beeta, I say bayta, you say tomayto, I say tomawto, beeta, bayta, tomayto, tomawto, let's call the whole thing off. 🙂 Ha ha. This Canadian chuckles every time you pronounce beta (beeta). Just a funny observation. Love the vidoes. Liked, subscribed and notified.

  24. Waiting for official release of Elementor Pro 2.0

    Thank you for the video!

  25. Another smashing tutorial of yours. Great thanks.

  26. I upgraded to 2.0 but don't see all the template categories like yours. I only see. All, Content, and Section. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  27. I purchased Elementor Pro last month. Will I be upgraded or do I have to spend more money for 2.0?

  28. I'm using . It has a steep learning curve but it's worth it.

  29. id you see yesterday's live stream from elementor?

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