Create and Install Facebook Pixel on WordPress – Beginners Guide

Step by Step on How to Create and Install the Facebook Pixel on your wordpress website ?
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What is Facebook Pixel Explained ?
Facebook pixel is a small piece of javascript code that you place in the head tag of your website in the backend to track visitors to your website.

Add facebook pixel to wordpress without plugin

What are the benefits of using a Facebook Pixel ?
The Facebook pixel allows you to run highly targeted ads and campaigns, to give you the best value out of your money, so it’s important to install it before running Facebook ads, if you are looking to get better results on your campaigns.

Steps to add pixel code to head tag in wordpress:

facebook pixel events wordpress

how to add facebook pixel to elementor

official facebook pixel wordpress plugin

add tracking pixel to wordpress

how to add facebook pixel events to wordpress

facebook pixel id

wordpress pixel tracking plugin

elementor facebook pixel

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