Create a Real Estate WordPress Website Using ACF & Elementor

In this tutorial, we combine Elementor, ACF and CPT UI to create a dynamic real estate website on WordPress.

To get early access to ACF version 5+ click here:

Use Dynamic Content, as well as many other features that will help you edit and customize every part of your WordPress website:


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39 Thoughts to “Create a Real Estate WordPress Website Using ACF & Elementor”

  1. How to create search bar with all the custom field ?

  2. Great tutorial! I was wondering, is there any way to populate the custom post type fields automatically using an IDX service? Essentially, populate listing fields using data from the MLS sent by an IDX service. I know that probably seems like a lot due to the magnitude of info on the MLS.. Maybe there's some sort of variant of that idea that would be helpful for an agency website though.

  3. I have subscribed to pro thanks to this video ! thank u

  4. Is there a way to do this without elementor PRO ?

  5. Very good folks! Tks so much!!!!

  6. Hi there Paul and thank you for such an awesome tutorial!! I have a much better understanding of ACF now. I have a question, (of course:-) in min. 12.30 for the Template Type you have 'single', which I don't show in mine. Is this because I'm experimenting with the Free version of Elementor please? It's important to know before I commit myself to Elementor Pro!

  7. You should make the video with the different ACF fields supported, I want to add checkbox values and it's not showing anything.

  8. Dude! Just perfecto. I love it

  9. Thank you so much for the guidance , I just a added image in menu icon and half of the page is not editable. Kindly guide me

  10. Really interesting. I'm trying to create a single template out of a CPT but I only get the option of Page and 404 Page. Any clue in how to get through this in 2020?

  11. Hi, thank you this very detailed video. I like it very much. On the other hand, did I miss out the homepage the SEARCH bar? How did you do that? Thanks

  12. Latest listing without price ? I am really disappointed…

  13. If you want to get started with a ready built site, check out nighomes(dot)com! SEND AN EMAIL to mail@nighomes(dot)com if you're interested in BUYING. Looking for $50-$100.

  14. Do you have any videos for adding a search functionality to this existing website

  15. Please help, i couldn't see 'select post type' on 12:31

  16. I have started learning to build WordPress website for my own properties, a week ago and this video tutorial was a time saver. I told myself there must be way to automatically populate new property pages. Earlier I was building individual pages. Just imagine the work involved in repetition. I appreciate our help.

    I have one question. How can I add an image carousal in place of a featured image?
    Like this –
    Please help a novice.

  17. Thank you for a great tutorial but I must say not being able to show custom fields on an archive page really limits the possibility to create true dynamic websites.

  18. Anyone who knows how to integrate language options into this?

  19. Is that the paid version of Elementor?

  20. I love what you guys did here, makes me very interested in WordPress development again!

  21. 14:22 I don't understand in which logic it detects the title! Can anyone explain?

  22. I am trying to find a way out to upload a `PDF` file from a front end file, and then view its contents. I am struggling with finding an appropriate Elementor Widget to help me achieve this, any help from anybody will be much appreciated.

  23. How will work in relationship field?

  24. You have filled the property details from backend…is it possible to fillfrom from end?

  25. I did this tutorial step by step, but I have a problem that my listings don't have a full width like my others pages. How can I fix it?

  26. hi, here there's no add image on a custom field. how do i do that? i could do it but only one image was selected, how i can add multiple images? thank you

  27. How do I add advanced search filter?

  28. This is all very easy. Now show how you build a directory site where people can submit data after payment and then ends up at the right part off the site.

  29. why do you use text for the price? why not use numbers?

  30. What theme are you using for this ?

  31. How do you add a dynamic image gallery?

  32. Thank you for a really GREAT video…I appreciate the detailed instructions! 🙂 Is there a way to make the post grid sortable by propertyt types (For Sale, Rentals, Commercial, land etc? ) using a custom field or category?

  33. hi is this using elementro pro? because I couldn't find any dynamic on my elementro. if this is only in pro, is the personal package i need to purchase?

  34. create a video about how to create a Digital Signage for restaurant. im currently trying to make one using this ACF and elementor but if you can make one it will be so great

  35. Hi! I have a problem, in 12:29 I can't select the custom post in the field "Select Post Type" because it is not appearing the name of my custom post, and I am trying to create by the "Theme Builder" option of Elementor.

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