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44 Thoughts to “CORPORATE CRINGE – GARY VAYNERCHUK | #grindreel”

  1. No shots fired, just concerns. Would still say thanks for the insights into marketing. Who's next?

  2. Your videos sum up the exact life a white collar will experience. Programming, coding, developing or just simply working with data, anything. If you cannot kiss asses, suck the D's, then you will be used and discarded in a blink of an eye. Or kept in the same position telling how important your role is until it stops being important and by that time you will be too old to try and climb higher cause you will be burnt out.

  3. Yes gary is idea mining under a pretense. You just figure this out? Godamn peopel used to " ask for drawing from me for a sale then shop around my expertise to lesser companies . GIVE THEM NOTHING.

  4. God, even Ryanair's seat pitch is 17 inches wide.

  5. Move to a hotel policy and send half these people home. Post COVID, companies will require 6 feet distancing in office.

  6. The Creator…heavily underpaid job position; holy mess!

  7. My issue with Gary is that people don't find the middle ground in his messaging. They just worship him and start mimicking his mannerisms and gestures and act like "#CEOs". Its attracting cringe and impressionable bums that will never be successful. The real successful people aren't taking what he says at face value because its all BS. His cronies are so cringe. They start spewing "DELIVER VALUE!!!!!!" like bruh. Stop.
    I like his content since its nice to have in the background and there's some good pieces of advice.. but sometimes its too "rah rah" and vague where people start internalizing it and treating it like the greatest thing ever.

    I sort of agree with "work for free so you can get experience" but that ONLY depends on the company you're working for. If you had the option to be Jeff Bezos' personal assistant but you work for free. Take it. If you're working in a hivemind corporation for free. Not worth it. Sure Vayner might look good on a resume after.. but still. You could easily work at a boutique marketing agency where they actually pay what you're worth. If you're working 40 hr weeks for free.. that's a sham.

  8. It would drive me nuts working in a office like this. So much fluff in all these motivational/marketing/productivity types . I don’t respect most these people who basically make money by teaching how to make money… Elon Musk makes products, Dwayne Johnson makes movies, Richard Branson made Virgin which made CDs/Airlines/Spaceships, Steve Jobs ran a company which made Apple products… Tangible products/services that benefit us . So many internet “entrepreneur” types are all hype no substance

  9. 6:52 made me laugh so hard I think I broke a rib

  10. I died when you said "thats just gargling gary !!"" LMAO

  11. They win because unionization isn't a thing.

  12. What's the deal with this music? All the videos have the same music. Is it for real or Fluke edited them with the same music?

  13. 4:46 he could have suggested an animal pen.

  14. Looks like a depressing place to work at where ur being forced to conform into some weird hippie cult like mentality.

  15. You obviously have little understanding of true macro. Paying 40 people 60k vs 30k costs 1.2 million more. Giving them good health / other benefits is probably another 600,000 so 1.8 million. Getting a bigger office in NYC probably an extra 600,000 over what you have so 2.4 million dollars that's a heavy macro number. A foosball table is maybe 1000$. Bean bag chairs are maybe 100$ x 10 so 1k. Lunch catered from some hipster place for 40 people probably like 500$ x 52 so 26k. And a heart leader is like 50k a year. Letting people name rooms and put stuff on the wall is 0$. So having a cool hip office is a light macro of 78k while all that lame stuff you want is a heavy 2.4 million macro.

  16. Gary V's office sounds like a gangbang… too many bodies in a tight space..the 'CHO' getting close and personal with everyone….how many inches do you need?

  17. s

    It’s still expensive living in jersey

  18. 2:05, another person who's been told some bs long enough for her to start believing stupid shit. sellling is selling, i hate how all these people like gary romanticize this shit

  19. After 15 plus years of no hugs no social life who blames him. Create. A hugging office. make up for lost time

  20. Seems like every Corporate Cringe video has this music. Do you add this or is it just a coincidence that everyone uses the same music?

  21. That guy seems fake as hell. I wouldn’t work for him.

  22. What book from Gary V did Josh read?

  23. You are killing me man. I'm so happy I discovered this channel.

  24. She's not hugging people, she's spreading coronavirus to build up corporate herd immunity.

  25. I think it is Christmas time that's why they are all looking good but just for short term happiness

  26. I am italian and god, the lady saying at 1:56 ''I understood how to bring peace of mind to a mom in italy with spaghetti sauce'' gave me the absolute shiver down my spine. First of all we can cook in Italy, my parents or my relatives never in their life used a ''spaghetti sauce''. Spaghetti sauce actually doesn't even exist if we want to be precise, because spaghetti is just one type of pasta out of millions of types of pasta, so we have ''pasta sauce'' not spaghetti sauce. Is true that we have in the markets some type of sauces but honestly they are mostly used by students, or when you are super lazy, is not even to be more fast because you can cook most of the sauces for pasta in 20 minutes while the pasta is boiling and trust me, they will taste 100 times better. Giving peace of mind to an italian mom with ''spaghetti sauce" is the sentence most arrogant and ridicolous ever, she doesn't know what she is speaking about.

  27. Marketing is not everything in 2020 or the future – not when everything feels like spam, and fluff. Quality goods and services, with quality marketing efforts will always prevail.

  28. People who drink this corporate kool-aid are gross 😂👍

  29. Giving out hugs prevents the next employee from going postal amigo…I fully support the giving out of hugs, butt touching, and crotch rubbing

  30. Oooooh, you can name conference rooms. When I worked at Guitar Center we had conference rooms like "Johnny Cash", it was still an entirely corporate environment. We had pictures of Erik Clapton and jimi hendrix on the walls. We had famous memorabilia everywhere, but it didn't make you were at home.

  31. I went around my office so I can hug every hot girl as i wanted them to feel like home, 2 weeks later I get called by the HR lady! Uh Oh!!

  32. Dude, love the channel. Finally someone exposing shit going on at startups.

  33. I presume Gary V was the first to make the sacrifice of desk space before asking his staff to go from 48 inches to 36? Not sitting in his own comfortable office with peace, space and privacy?

  34. I think humans are just naturally fearful because that has helped us survive in really dangerous environments in the past. Even though the environment is a lot safer now, we still haven't gotten rid of our instincts. Now we're just scared of losing our jobs, having an unfulfilling career or not realizing our potentials. It's a little embarrassing. Our ancestors had to fight tigers!

  35. Gary V is trash! But because he's loud and fuckin obnoxious, no one really wants to say much about him. It's the whole, let's all hug it out and talk about people and live in our misery type! That's why folk like GaryV! #trash #ganggang! lol

  36. R D

    Social distance lol Gary….

  37. Home values in the office sounds like communism

  38. If you get viral, they will censor you

  39. Josh you're leveling up to some serious cultural critique here. Keep popping those ridiculous corporate balloons.

  40. Person with 32K job watches video Person: F u c K

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