Content Review – Marketing With Pokemon (FT. GaryVee)

Content Review - Marketing With Pokemon (FT. GaryVee)

Today I reveiw a peice of content put out by #GaryVee.

This particular peice spoke directly too me and I am sure too many people my age.

What I like about this video is how true it is to the actual #Pokemon game, it looks exactly like how the gameplay plays out. Gary Vee is super smart about making content like this. He is utilizing the emotions that come from other sources and inserting himself into the situation so that he’s able to capitalize on those feelings. When I see Pokemon I remeber my childhood, the fun i had and now I associate Gary with all that emotion.

I wouldn’t be surprised if video comes out with Garry wearing a Mario’s hat busting Koopas in the next month.

This #content is funny, relatable and targeted. This is the type of content people should try to make more of.

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