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COMPLETE Amazon FBA Tutorial In 2021 | How To Sell On Amazon FBA And Make Money (Step By Step)

COMPLETE Amazon FBA Tutorial In 2021 | How To Sell On Amazon FBA And Make Money (Step By Step)

A complete, step by step guide on how to start selling on Amazon FBA from scratch in 2021 and 2022. In this video, you will learn everything you need to know to start a successful, profitable Amazon FBA business that makes you passive income.

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Stripe Atlas:

0:00 Introduction to Amazon FBA, what it is, how to make money with it, and the best strategy to build a successful business.

9:25 Common questions about Amazon FBA answered + as well as intro things you should know.

19:37 How to get the most out of this video and actually make money with Amazon.

20:24 Presenting the #1 best Amazon FBA strategy – the ecommerce brand strategy.

24:05 Complete detailed step by step process of setting up an Amazon FBA business and brand.

28:05 My own story, how I started selling on Amazon in 2017 and went from zero to $32K/month.

31:00 Examples of great Amazon FBA listings vs. bad listings, and what you should know.

38:19 How to set a realistic goal that you will actually achieve with your Amazon business.

44:16 A complete guide on setting up your Amazon Seller Central account from anywhere in the world.

58:38 Product Research – how to find an amazing profitable product to start selling on Amazon.

1:06:17 Criteria for your product – what the perfect product looks like.

1:17:16 Recommended Categories – the only categories you should start your Amazon FBA business with.

1:17:56 Breakdown of all the best product research methods.

2:30:53 Narrowing down your product opportunities and figuring out the best product to sell.

2:39:41 Finding an amazing high-quality supplier for your Amazon FBA product.

2:41:28 Finding a supplier from China/Asia.

2:54:00 Finding a supplier in the US or domestically (Europe.)

3:00:58 Finding your exact profit margin using the Ecom Freedom Profit Calculator.

3:06:18 Checking for patents.

3:08:43 The right way to order a product sample.

3:10:13 Choosing your absolute best product opportunity.

3:11:31 How to get a UPC barcode for your product.

3:15:24 Creating a truly amazing, powerful eCommerce brand (name + logo + packaging.)

3:17:39 Checking for trademarks.

3:19:10 Getting a beautiful logo for your product.

3:24:49 Creating a powerful product insert.

3:30:23 Creating a beautiful, fully optimized Amazon FBA listing for your product.

3:46:28 Finding the best back end keywords for your product listing.

3:55:10 Placing your first inventory order.

4:03:17 The right way to ship your product units to Amazon FBA.

4:12:01 How to set up an incredible email sequence to automatically get reviews.

4:15:59 Product Launch – getting your product to page 1 for your main keywords.

4:22:06 Finding the best price to launch your product at.

4:23:49 Amazon PPC – a zero to expert guide to profitable Amazon Pay-Per-Click advertising.

4:38:48 Using Manychat to launch your product to Page 1.

4:35:55 Amazon PPC – Creating profitable PPC campaigns after you’ve launched your product successfully.

4:42:48 A guide to delivering world-class customer service for your brand.

4:46:12 What to do when you get a bad review (happens to everyone.)

4:47:49 Final tips for long term success with Amazon FBA (critically important.)

4:51:34 How to get mentorship.

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    I will respond to every single comment on this video, so feel free to ask me any questions that you have with starting an Amazon FBA business, product research, finding a supplier, launching your product, PPC, literally anything.

    You can also add me on IG @danvas and DM me there (best way to reach me, I answer DMs) Hope you enjoyed!

    P.S Also the only real Dan Vas is the one with a checkmark beside my name.

  2. Amazing content, delivered clearly. You are the best

  3. Its 2021, can I start with FBA STILL? I HAVE very little capital 1.5k, Where do I start, I already have a course I had bought a yr+ ago. Thanks Dan for your upload I will watch with time

  4. Hey Dan, you have the Amazon USA BSR ranges. Do you have them for Canada as well?

  5. Ren

    Dan, i used a fake adress as you recommended however amazon has to send a postcard to that adress for verification. What happens next??

  6. MVP

    Dan, can you make a list of all good books you have read? i wanna read them too.

  7. hi Dan, i would like to know where can i find the products sheet please.

  8. GS1 au is asking whether I "require a GTIN-8, Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) or UPC Company Prefix". Do I, to launch my product with amazon FBA? Thanks 🙂

  9. Hi Dan,
    I Understood in the Video that there was a free download of a spreadsheet and starter pack.
    Im not seeing a free download. Have I missed something or did I hear wrong?
    Thanks and thank you for all the incredible info.

  10. You're a champ Dan! Thank you.

  11. Someone tried and succeed from this video?

  12. The starter pack is not free if you force us to buy your lessons. I thought about buying later on, after finding my product and getting set up but i'm not gonna front cash just for a "free" starter pack bud.

  13. Can i take a traduction of this video

  14. Is there ever a point where “it’s too late to start” or missed the boat kind of thing ? Nice vid

  15. I just watched this video with my son and signed up for your FBA course. I am trying to find the link for the Amazon Starter Pack but am coming up empty. Where can I find the documents you reference? Thanks.

  16. MVP

    DAN, how about you make an AFFILIATE MARKETING COURSE?

  17. Incredible video, it really has given me some food for thought. But i am going to have to watch again, a lot to take in in one sitting.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. im a 9 year old kid and i really dont have any money like 60-70 dollers is that enough?

  19. Really appreciate you taking the to really give us some important knowledge from the goodness of your heart. Respect to you.

  20. Great video, the most informative on the internet. I do have a question, my understanding based on timestamp 3:55.11 where you talked abt placing your inventory order after successfully listing your product is that your product listing and ppc campaigns would be active and running on Amazon while you are awaiting the actual inventory to have orders fulfilled, so what happens when potential buyers see your product listing and actually place orders but the products haven't arrived at the Amazon warehouse yet cos u just ordered them?

  21. Zo

    Great video this has really helped me alot. youre amazing for putting this out for free. I do have a question about barcodes, can the manufacturer provide them?

  22. I’m just stumble into your tutorial for online selling. I’m still listening and at the same time wanted to reach out to say thank you for this amazing tutorial you made. I look forward to start this journey and hopefully I could find my first product to sell, and if there is any more tips you could add for my knowledge I am grateful. I’m 1000% new to any online activities or selling, so much much to learn. So thank you for this helpful tutorial video. ♥️

  23. I hope this isn't a dumb question, should the product be listed once the inventory has reached amazon warehouse? or before?

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