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39 thoughts on “Coffee & Commerce Episode 7: The State of Commerce

  1. Hope everyone is well😊😊

  2. Garyyvee is da man he is da best I even subscribed to him I even made a yt called mophantom so I can follow ur steps

  3. Good, that's what I need 👌👍

  4. Been a minute. Miss Gary. Week 23! Let’s dominate folks!

  5. Like this coffe commerce content. Scrolling down looking at comments, full of teenagers trying to build youtube channels to motivate and inspire others. Wtf. If you are 16 and no experience in anything who is going to get inspired by you? If you make real content and give some value its fine but come on , everyone wants to be a fucking motivator, save others and help others without any experience or value to give. So boring.

  6. What about Gary Vee podcast puffs? Is it real?

  7. Take a moment to appreciate that this info is FREE ^^

  8. What about advice for a 14 year old?

  9. I m also trying to motivate and help people and recently started my youtube channel watching u and learning a lot from you ! Thank you 🤗

  10. Salut a tous. Je suis un jeune realisateur Haitien et J'ai un super mini serie… J'aimerais avoir votre soutient. svp Aide moi a grinper 5k abonnés.

    Mini-Série L'ExperienceExperience Mortelle:

  11. @garyvee Previously you have mentioned baseball cards. And if someone has the chance should buy them. I just bought 22 packs of unopened 1988 baseball cards. Was it smart?

  12. This man is full of inspiration and I must say that he’s responsible for my success as a business man today and as proof I started my own YouTube channel to educate and motivate young entrepreneurs and even aspiring entrepreneurs as well.

  13. Hi Gary, I am an 18-year-old product developer who still goes to college and I have developed a product for Kellogg's company that can benefit them tremendously, the problem is that I am having a hard time reaching out to them.

    Seeing your motivational videos and seeing how you help young entrepreneur I am really inspired and I think you are the right person the can help me get my product to the next level. I know you are a busy man operating a huge company but of you find the time, even 5 minutes would be a blessing to me.

    Thank You

    Sachit Chahulagain

  14. My impersonation of a poor Gary Vee that gets no girls and no $… https://youtu.be/lgRkxQobzoA GO JETS!!!

  15. Hey guys I’m starting from Ground Zero, Zero Followers. I am starting my first podcast The Ryan Cruz Evolution, any support would be appreciated!

  16. I have a great idea and need help

  17. Gotta love the videos you make dude. you deserve all the success you've gained!

  18. Ok I've never did a podcast but will be doing my first one on my channel soon. Any advice because i am sure I will fuck it up lol 😂

  19. How to get your first reviews and general bookings on airbnb and get it rollin?

  20. 1 Like = 1 Like
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    Let's see if this works!! Let's GOOOOOO!

  21. Hey gary i am following you for 2 years and i just want to say thank you for changing my inner self. So nowadays i am watching this nonsense videos about you. From some of the people like mike wennett and coffeezilla that entrepreneurial events or wherever you go for public speaking using your name to sell the tickets. And obviously people are coming to see you there. But before your arrival on stage there's always sales pitch from other entrepreneurs and they just try to sell their products. My point is marketers don't tell their hidden intentions, they are not transparent like you. And one more thing is it compulsory that if any one come to see you in these events they have to buy any of your books or you just give them for free… i am not saying this people like mike wennett are saying and they don't get any value from your public speaking. It's just break my heart gary whenever I see these type of videos about you. Why don't you just clear these things 🙏🙏🖤

  22. Thanks brothers … Mainly garyvee… Hope you fallow me too …..

  23. Gary vee a learning machine

  24. Gary you are f***ing lit i love your video keep beeing awesome and show us the best!!

  25. I accidentally disliked this video 😣

  26. so this is a product provided by shopify ?? or by insta fb thru shopify

  27. Zubin is a beast. This is super valuable, appreciate it gary

  28. I had to listen to this again and again

  29. I'm in a sticky situation garyvee I want gaming to become my job and I feel I'm almost there but I can't seen to break the threshold also I want to do YouTube and streaming but my pc can't handle streaming and Idk how to start YouTube any advice from the goat much love❤❤❓

  30. How do we apply to be on the show?

  31. THANK YOU GARY! You inspired me to make my own YouTube channel!!!! You ARE AMAZING

  32. Gary, I really think podcasts on Spotify are becoming a big thing rn with Joe Rogan getting a Spotify contract. Could you please make more podcasts? I think the people who like listening to your podcasts during a workout or while driving like myself would really appreciate it if you made more podcasts. I appreciate the time you put in to making a podcast

  33. I want to make you into a cartoon, your mannerisms are adorable….content is a duh awesome

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