Coffee & Commerce Episode 4: GaryVee, Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman

Coffee & Commerce Episode 4: GaryVee, Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman

Super excited for you to join us on another episode of Coffee & Commerce! In today’s episode we will have the pleasure to be joined by CEO, Philanthropist, Creative Director Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman!


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34 Thoughts to “Coffee & Commerce Episode 4: GaryVee, Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman”

  1. Nice to be updated with the latest, thanks guys.

  2. who came form the radio and not some YouTuber?
    Well guys now haters are using Authentic views c o m

  3. Gary, I used to love you.. but you are suck a bro, obnoxious, and run things pretty bad.. check this out:

  4. maybe just hire the Sasha Group…. sorry sorry too interrupt

  5. I've liked Rachel ever since I found out she dressed some of my favorite celebrities, back in 2003 I think. I used to watch her show it was really funny! She has remained true to herself and to her style which is rare, I adore her!

  6. I really enjoyed this episode a lot

  7. Something I noticed was that after Snapchat started making filters for things like “national donut day” things and search for those specific food topics on those holidays saw major increases in search volume! Local seo it was a cool finding.

  8. hmm, "the impossible is possible in … time"
    Search Results
    Web results

    Tachyonic antitelephone

  9. I agree curbside pickup is a #game-changer

  10. I love Rachel Zoe !!!! So glad you have her and Roger on…. Love it ! Thanks Gary

  11. She sounds like Lory from SharkTank

  12. My girl!!! Seriously love her!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Very grateful to be healthy and safe! Take care of your emotional health and don't worry. The future will be bright

  14. Ugh…love Gary, but these two?..
    "like, like, like….."

  15. Rodger seems to be Rachels puppy…

  16. Gary Vee is the man who made good videos so i jumped to my comfort zone i started my channel since 4 months ago so
    please give me as good feedback and hit the subscribe button of channel link

  17. Jhonny Deep's Pirates of the Caribbean style male makeup? I can see that! Thank you, guys, for a wonderful time!

  18. This is my favourite series on YouTube ❤️

  19. Great motivator! Really inspired and created my own YouTube Channel based on the way he shows the path. I will be coming shortly with some path projects.

  20. I'll be posting a video on entrepreneurship and businessman….

  21. Gary is the man! By seeing his videos I got inspired. I've even created a my YouTube channel to follow my progress. I would love some support and feedback. Please hit subscribe and check it out!

  22. Vayner Commerce !!! Pay attention to what he does ladies and gentlemen! He is playing the long game. One step closer to buying and flipping brands. Smart move with the Lucid Fusion’s acquisition. 💪🏾 that is one of the single things I’ve seen from you that helps me with my patience and “long term game” perspective!!

  23. Ugh, disappointed. 👎 that twit is an annoying, vapid shill. 🙄

  24. thank you @garyvee for helping me and so many people and for creating this new show im already hooked to tea with you every am ,every day im ready to go ,i just got over the thing that was blocking me to start filming that i love most in which is helping others thanks a million .ED O. from Atlantic City nj.

  25. What Rodger said at 31:38 is SO IMPORTANT. Scaling too fast is what throws companies in jeopardy. Gary, PLEASE will you talk about scaling at a good pace?? It’s easy to start a business, but maintaining and growing is the #1 problem I’ve seen after production problems. Thank you, this segment with Rachel and Rodger was so engaging. 😷♥️✨

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