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43 thoughts on “Coffee & Commerce Episode 3: The Gamechanger with Tobi Lutke

  1. OR

    One of the best, one of the best Videos from GV….very much learned….I am burning to be one by one with you Gary to ask you my questions…Howwww????

  2. I love the contrast of Tobi and Gary – you can see how Tobi pauses to think and process. And Gary doesn’t. But both are able to completely be themselves in this interview – and are comfortable being themselves. I love their confidence and love Tobi’s insights.

  3. Gary is actually a great interviewer

  4. Shopify is great for us music producers who want to sell sample kits, drum kits, and other things we create.

  5. Great work sir got some good ideas from u ?

  6. Tobi you keep doing you and help in the way you can. You got this

  7. Cancelled my shopify plan. Not paying money to any company that does not give refunds.

  8. I S

    What an amazing surprise

  9. Fantastic. Wasn’t expecting Tobi to be who he was.. got so excited when he introduced himself

  10. Gary why you invite people? You talk so f… much. We know your story!!!!! You took over 3 mil. $ from your dad, etc, etc. Let the guy talk man. He is the founder of shopify man! Anyway at 22.21 sec. I am out.

  11. wow – the founder of Shopify! SFY is an amazing platform I use and has achieved his aim – the functionality is great and the customer service is phenomenal. I used to use WP but it's been bettered by SFY.

  12. Subconciously I may love losing like Gary, cuz it's the only output I can produce.

  13. please please please keep making these. I listen to all your stuff and this is some my favorite content

  14. The Shopify framework summed up by this interaction:
    Gary – "you know how much capital you need for a store front?"
    Tobi – "…. Yeah… I know" ??

    Nekminnit billion dollar biz ??

  15. Wow, you have Jeff-”s only true future competitor and you’ve talked half the interview. It feels like a bad date. I feel robbed of Tobis insight… hey but thanks Tobi for what you’ve shared.

  16. Coffee & Commerce…best show on the internet

  17. Any clues what software is being used for this interview? This Zoom Webinar?

  18. Fascinating interview! Thanks

  19. Gary Vee you amazing i love you!!!

  20. They actually think the lights are staying on?

  21. Every business is a digital business today

  22. Gary! i made a super creative video of "how I met you" Can you give me feedback? Not trying to be spammy just proud of this vid! https://youtu.be/WU9dem_BvEg

  23. GARYVEEEE IS THE MANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really made a couple hundred bucks since 2weeks. Now I started my youtube channel to make more and earn more related to my job. So thank you a lot. Goo Subscribe to my channel.

  24. I learned code by myself from scratch because I saw the huge change, even very young. It's crazy how people who don't understand tech stuff find it so valuable. It's a great way to present your skill as a crazy new thing even though it's the normal now.

  25. BTW Gary you need new webcam

  26. Please please pleaseeeeeeeeeee give some air space to let your guest talk! Especially a legend like Tobi! Why have on any guests if you're just gonna dominate the conversation?

  27. Grate show ✨??✨Wooodogy by golly ✌️

  28. Отличный контент. Не вижу комменты русскоговорящих. Перееду в США и стартану с Нью Йорка. Обязательно увидимся!

  29. Gary, good job! Гарри, ты просто супер, продолжай!

  30. 23:12 Purity of a transaction. I have not seen it like this before but this is mind boggling. Thank you

  31. He is so inspiring I watch him everyday he inspired me to make a YouTube channel that’s how a awesome he is

  32. 14:35 DTC? DDC? DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Code ??
    I am not sure what he is referencing.

  33. Ask Chris Voss his opinion about Procurement lol.

  34. Passions plus technology seems to be a great path.

  35. Woah!!! Shopify CEO is on your show!? That is so awesome. That surprised me. Lovely guests so far and I love how Gary always starts out humanizing the guests by allowing them to add a backstory.

  36. So proud that this is happening here in Canada . . . Love Shopify!

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