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41 Thoughts to “Coffee & Commerce Episode 2: GaryVee & Moiz Ali”

  1. Gary is on fire! First Tea with Garyvee and now coffee and commerce! Brilliant!

  2. One of my favourite Gary Vee interviews. So insightful. I’m a big fan of Moiz, he is so humble and has so much more substance than many of the start up founders you see being interviewed.

  3. Absolutely love these commerce based episodes!

  4. Thank you, Gary! This series is awesome!!!!!!!! Have an amazing day you all!!!!!

  5. Gary ver you amazing person!!❤️👑🙏

  6. Also the conversation around self funded startups vs VC funded startups is well overdue

  7. It really is crazy to think about ecomm in 1996…

  8. How did you produce deodorant JIT?

  9. I'm absolutely loving this. Thank you both so much!

  10. Love this Gary, hope you would do alot like this.

  11. One of the best interviews! Love these two and their minds. Their practicality and just frugality mindset. Thank you both for doing this and sharing

  12. I dont care much about money and being famos, because its over rated and fake. I just want that people start to put value in each other. Seeing you how pasionate you are to stand up for the underdog and the actual reality of things remind me for what Ive been fighting for all these years, and give me extra strengh to keep going.

  13. Hi Moiz and Gary, pls I'm interested in knowing how he knew what product to sell and push his energy into. Thanks

  14. Personally love this more than Tea. Just great 1 on 1 business focused conversations.

  15. My favourite Gary V format ever

  16. Great content on this one Gary. "Marketing just exposes the truth." Love it

  17. Gary lowkey MJ as in Michael Jordan

  18. “The more you learn, the more you earn” -Warren Buffet

  19. Buckling in for my next ☕️ & 💰 hit

  20. I love you Dear Gary❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. This is SOO much better than Tea w/GV – the content in this is A-grade.
    Thank you for bringing it at just the right time.
    Moiz was a fantastic guest – love his takes, and his story. 🎯

  22. its crazy how the most successful people got the most simplistic drip !

  23. A little more energy needed, Garee Vee would sound exactly like Aranon Marino A.k.a Alpha M.

  24. Thank you! I love listening to you talk to people. This is a great story. Lots of insight. I am learning a lot shopping and delivering for Instacart.

  25. I've been working in the e-commerce space for quite a while now, if you consider Expedia to be part of the 'e-commerce' fold I was there in 2008, but since then I've been working on China's e-commerce ecosystem since 2016, working mainly on the Alibaba B2C Tmall flagship store space in the Marketing and Creative space. Really loving to hear about this series from Gary and his e-commerce crew!

  26. 33:50 I am glad but also a little surprise that Dustin is working on this and Tea with Vee.

  27. HUGE props to Gary for creating this series alongside Tea. This is an awesome show that speaks to more of the technicals, which is refreshing. I also fell in love with Moiz during this – seems like a great dude. Much love ❤️

  28. Big talk on SMS, @garyVee, what company are you using to send SMS messages. There are many up and coming companies that are becoming the shovel for the gold mine.

  29. this is great! I love this thank you!

  30. A little more in-depth than usual. Great!

  31. Really motivated after watching this

  32. Am so in love with garyvee and his entrepreneurship mindset….he has just motivated in starting my own YouTube channel.

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