Clothing Haul | Retail Arbitrage Items to Sell on Poshmark

Clothing Haul | Retail Arbitrage Items to Sell on Poshmark

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Today, Victoria is showing off a clothing haul she purchased to resell on the Poshmark app. In this haul you will see items that were purchased through retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage refers to the act of buying products in retail stores at discounted prices and then selling those same products through online marketplaces for a profit. You will see a mix of high-end designer brands along with bread and butter brands to show the range of items that you can purchase retail to resell on Poshmark. Victoria and Gaela are fashion sellers on the app. They purchase items from thrift, consignment and buy-sell-trade stores or through retail arbitrage to flip for a profit. Be sure to let us know when you like our videos by giving us a thumbs up and subscribing to our channel. Thanks for stopping by!

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Gaela & Victoria are also fashion sellers on Poshmark!

NEW to Poshmark?! Use the code RETROSPECTIVES when you download the app to receive $10 off your first purchase!!

Oliver & Victoria are also artists who sell their work on Etsy:


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  1. You got some amazing items!!! We need to have a thrifting day soon !

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