China Mac Explains How to Smuggle Sneakers Into Prison | Full Size Run

China Mac Explains How to Smuggle Sneakers Into Prison  | Full Size Run

Full Size Run is Sole Collector’s weekly sneaker talk and debate show featuring co-hosts Brendan Dunne, Matt Welty, and Trinidad James, and this week they’re joined by rapper and YouTube sensation China Mac who talks about sneaker culture in Chinatown, how to smuggle sneakers into prison, tells crazy prison sneaker stories, and more.

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41 Thoughts to “China Mac Explains How to Smuggle Sneakers Into Prison | Full Size Run”

  1. Who had this week's worst take?

  2. we NEED cookinsoul on here!!!

  3. “What am I saying ? I’m saying a lot of shit”

  4. One last question. I didn't see Adidas and Nike represented for Chicago Complex Con Marketplace and marketing. Is it a given they will be there or something else going on there? Peace.

  5. Mad props for your show. I think you should really get Daniel Arsham on the show. I think he is in the culture enough and would have good stuff to say. I also wanted to hear your guys' take on Clearweather Brand. I am truly enjoying their Interceptor/Woodlake shoe. That is all. Keep it going.

  6. welty lookin like a dadtue

  7. why Adidas boi get mad so much makin me uncomfortable like when your friends mom starts yellin when u over

  8. Why does brendan runs like a retarded??

  9. I know you wanna get dizzy with your friends at these summer jams, but don't forget to do you!! We're halfway through the year and I already know the dreamers are still building that next scyscraper layer by layer. Pausing for a second and wondering, where in the f*ck did the time go? Time waits for no man, so don't even bother waiting on people that don't treat your time like money.

  10. Hey guys. I just got engaged to my girlfriend and we watch you guys ever week. I would love if you could give us a shout out as a extra gift to her saying yes 💍

  11. Dad has so much drip he makes up for the other two. Welty needs some Jordan’s Brendan needs a Reebok deal and I need on this show lol!

  12. Hi guys. Really love the show. I never subscribed to a channel before but did so for the first time. Wvelty is a gem, take it easy on him. You should have waited for the 200k subscribers to go sneaker shopping with JLP.

  13. Can we add China Mac as a fulltime Co-host

  14. So those sponge bob dub zeros are legit? 😂

  15. Three straight “Nahsss” for Welty on his customary “have you ever resold sneakers” question, Welty on suicide watch

  16. Anyone else here before the sneaker shopping shoutout?

  17. Buddy run like he got dyslexic knees

  18. ESPN doing drip or skip now 🤦🏽‍♂️ fuck outta here. ain’t give y’all no props. Someone cancel Espn they are out of ideas..

  19. Lol😂 Biggies Commandments Challenge,

    they won’t let me speak, they keep taking my diss down because his song is weak, i did the same song last week, he wrote his after I fell asleep, I’m going to keep posting until they respect me.

  20. Worst take… Brendan “Boof a sneaker” 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  21. you didn't have to live in chinatown to know chinese shoes was cool. everyone was wearing them, even different color.

  22. Love the show and chemistry 🧪 but cutting ass is definitely not bullying at all

  23. Are we gonna not talk about how Welty changes the way he talks when certain guests are on the show lol?

  24. Brendan watches pornos for the back story

  25. Ain't nothing like a fresh pair of buttas

  26. This has to be one of the funniest shows on YouTube 😂😂😭

  27. I’m old.. I still like k-Swiss..

  28. China Mac is killin me.. so true I can be involved in shit & be dumb..

  29. China Mac checkin fools 😂

  30. Why they had Brendan running like a balled headed, pregnant ostrich in the beginning?

  31. Just realized that Brenden really was on some sockless black AF1 activity. This is a very Dangerous man ladies and gentlemen.

  32. I think you all should offer China Mac a spot on the show, taking over for Welty.

  33. I love how Trinidads "worst take" shoes low-key be fire

  34. Yeah. No one gives a shit about black history month. Its called american history. Be a fucking american.

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