Check out what I found on my garage sale treasure hunt. Electronics haul.

Check out what I found on my garage sale treasure hunt.  Electronics haul.

Check out my electronics haul from the garage sales. What are they worth? Did you learn anything? If so, let me know in the comments.


Links to Items I Use (yes, they are affiliate links to help support the channel) Heat Gun for removing stickers Camera for Videos Web Cam Printer for FBA labels and shipping labels Microphone for YT live shows Headphones Camera for interview videos and ebay pictures Bar code scanner 2nd Bar code Scanner Scotty Peelers to remove stickers Box Resizer Poly bag set Dymo Labels Hand cart 3 n 1

Contact Information:
Scott Zilke
PO Box 605
Meridianville, Al 35759


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33 Thoughts to “Check out what I found on my garage sale treasure hunt. Electronics haul.”

  1. any good data on that ext. HDD?

  2. On the teal, Nintendo game the lady ask to throw a price out… u said $20 a good throw out price …but if Lonnie/Garage flips would have said $5 LOL.

  3. Nice haul!!!! Interested to see what the transparencies go for!

  4. Bearded, You are looking slimmer… I love the outdoors video!!

  5. Can’t wait to see the fix it videos. Your one of the best!

  6. I wonder if in your Paris slides if there are any of Notre Dame?

  7. Great haul! Enjoyed the video Scott!

  8. One way I have heard to see what is on a slide is to hold it up to a window and use a camera to get an image. It might be worth experimenting with your light box.

  9. Sell me that nerf for mr grandson. You know how to contact me. GO BLUE LIGHT!

  10. Laptop motherboards go for good money, I would have just parted it out straight away

  11. I remembered seeing one of those yellow keurigs at my Goodwill a couple days ago. Just went back still there. Thanks for the video.

  12. that thumbnail looks professional.

  13. 👍I always enjoy your vids n all your finds!!! ❤

  14. Craigslist hunter did a youtube on slides last year some time

  15. Went yard hunting this weekend in Wilmington NC bought a few Sony things–check out my noobie page Storage Prospector

  16. Would have picked up those slides in a heartbeat..would love to see what they are! Maybe a slide show?😊 Maybe download slides to a disk before you send them off to their new home😀🌸 Those years were great time.

  17. Show us what you find on the slides!! Really cool find, haven't seen those in a very long time.

  18. Bp ,do you know that "Sony sells "😁

  19. For $10 its worth the chance on slides. They will do well

  20. I would have bought the slides for $10 without evening thinking. But I am a sucker for slides.

  21. Also you showed the wrong Spyro game on your image. The one you have is worth more

  22. Watch out on older Kindles the battery will go flat and will not charge and just say it needs charged.

  23. Nice score I think your the best on this stuff

  24. Hi Bearded Picker! Would it possible to purchase the transparencies of the Old Hollywood star’s homes (and anything similar) from you? Thank you for your kind consideration. – Sarah

  25. That Tripoley game is nice. But that particular version is ranked over 1 million in toys on Amazon. The low price is what you stated and 1 FBA seller at 195 dollars. There's a newer Tripoley version listed with a 5,000 rank on Amazon that sells for 25. So, would you still list that game in the 1 million rank at 50 dollars and hope to sell? Or would you list at 20 dollars on Amazon and maybe sell that way? Either way a dollar investment in that game is nice. Cheers.

  26. Lots of good info BP. I will check out the other channel too.

  27. Nice haul BP! Great deal on that teal DS! RTR

  28. I like the way you refer to yourself as BP, I'll never be able to call you Scott again.

  29. So my 2 year old son says yellow banana not just yellow but yellow banana so hea gonna love that part of the video also for people who dont have ur number u should check your intagram i know your busy so its ok War Eagle

  30. You should make prints from the slides and sell them. Ongoing money 😊

  31. Tell Harlon to get on the ball and get that video up. I'll be in the bathroom soon and need something to watch.

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