Chasing Happiness? | Gary Vee Motivational Speech

Chasing Happiness? | Gary Vee Motivational Speech

What is the main of purpose of life?
What is the main goal for your life success?
Gary Vee – Chasing Happiness? | This is a powerful motivational video giving you a chance to see what really matters in life!

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Speaker: Gary Vee

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Composer: Andreas Kubler
Track: Eucatastrophe
Album: Odyssey

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You will never ever win
playing a game that somebody
else loves more than you.
My friends, I come here
this afternoon with one agenda.
To put pressure on the thing that
has always been tried and true.
Self awareness and
work ethic lead to happiness.
How many people here hated school?
Just raise your hands?
So for everybody who remembers like,
remember looking at the clock that sh*t didn’t move,
As like haven’t we been in science for an hour?
What’s crazy is I know a lot of you are
living that professionally
right now.
And half of you are doing it because
you think there’s the money
in that thing.
Whether it’s real estate or crypto
or cannabis or
T-shirts or whatever it might be.
You’re literally doing what you’re doing
because somebody told you
or somebody you know made money in it
and we have to break that.
Building a true foundation,
is how you build success.

There’s like it scares me.
It scares me how many people
think there’s a hack
.Let me just save everybody a lot of time.
If you think there’s a hack
a secret,
a system,
or a quick path,
humans are smart.
Everybody would then do it.
I promise you,
you want to get real happy,
If that’s what we’re aiming?
Leave this conference and realize
anything you’re complaining about
or sad about
is, because it’s true,
100% your fault.
My friends, accountability,
and lack of entitlement
leads to happiness
For you to figure out what that is for you
is the biggest thing I’m here for
.Everything good that happened to me
is because of my inability to hear you cheering
or to hear you booing.
You just don’t know me,
and I don’t know you.
And I don’t fully know my mom
and she doesn’t fully know me.

I’m being serious.
We all know this.
Only you know you.
So why are you
letting somebody else’s judgment
dictate your behavior?
I promise you if you’re not fully happy,
all you have is time.
Because if you’re not fully happy,
you need to reallocate your time.
Honestly, I wish..
You know what I really wish?
Tomorrow, some weird like,
asteroid came down, hit
Earth, and everybody who’s dead
is reborn.
I would just love for you
to see the way
people that are 150 years old
would look at the world today.
They would be like
you have all this?
What are we waiting for?
Are you really waiting for the economy to
collapse and then going back to bad times
and then you sitting in a room when you get
f*cking fired from your bullsh*t job
and say I wish I f*cking listened?
Like are we really waiting for that?
You’re living this life for yourself.
The way for you to be selfless,
and love everybody else,
is to start with being selfish for yourself.
Make yourself happy.
You’re not making anybody
happy if you’re not happy.

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11 Thoughts to “Chasing Happiness? | Gary Vee Motivational Speech”

  1. The way for you to be selfless and love everybody else is to start being selfish for yourself.

  2. Building a true foundation is how you build success!!!.

  3. The moment you stop chasing happiness, you become happy.

  4. the goal should be happiness. so do whatever makes you happy

  5. Gary thank you for your videos. They helped me in my travels when I am in a camping tent. I am vlogging my Russian travels and it's amazing, God bless

  6. The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

  7. Gary Vee is one of the best motivators on Earth! I watch his material daily and actually apply what he teaches with awesome results! Just DO IT!!

  8. Incredible, thanks for motivation

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