Chaplin WordPress theme + Gutenberg homepage demo setup! Best FREE WordPress theme 2019?

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11 Thoughts to “Chaplin WordPress theme + Gutenberg homepage demo setup! Best FREE WordPress theme 2019?”

  1. Great video, do you happen to have RTL (Hebrew) on this theme?

  2. Hi, great tutorial. Have you figured out how to set its mobile version? Thx

  3. Thank you for all of your videos, especially this one! I am new to WordPress and it has made it easier! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tut. Was convinced by another one of your videos to go with Chaplin instead of theTwenty Twenty. Much appreciated!

  5. Thank you for the video. I finally understand the purpose of Gutenberg 🙂 Subscribed !

  6. Great video! Helps me a lot. How can I remove the space between the 2 media text blocks?

  7. Beautiful video about a sublime theme! Thank you Matt and (tack så jävla mycket) Anders!

  8. Great video! I still have two questions. 1) Is it possible to add a small text in the photo when I use the block Media & Text? I currently put a text in the photos in the Gallery block (credit to photographer), but I cannot find the option in the Media & Text block.. 2) is it possible to let the colour change when you hover over text?

  9. 13:25 For changing the Background color of the block select the whole block and set the block color setting to black(your custom color) then select the text and change the color to white. It works for me!

    Thanks for the tutorial and Thanks to Anders Norén for the theme.

  10. Thanks for the tutorial and for the kind words, Matt! I'm really glad you like Chaplin.

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