(Case Study) $1,859 In One Day WITHOUT Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping

(Case Study) $1,859 In One Day WITHOUT Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping

(Case Study) $1,859 In One Day WITHOUT Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping

Most of my videos include information on Facebook ads but in this video, I go over how I generated $1,859 the first day on a new store without Facebook ads. I expose the website, the product, the influencer, everything. Hope you all enjoy! Like & Subscribe for more daily dropshipping content!

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27 Thoughts to “(Case Study) $1,859 In One Day WITHOUT Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping”

  1. how much did you pay for her promo?

  2. Loved it, thank you. I’ve just subscribed. On Ali Express how do you find the supplier instead of the middleman? And what wording do you use to ask for a link with your special price and faster shipping time? And do you pay as you go or give the supplier your credit card to use? I hope you have time to answer. Thank you. 😊

  3. Great Content and i have a question for you , Do you have a method to contact those influencers? cause i have heard sometimes that they don´t reply messages , what would you recommend at the time that we send a message to Influencers? thanks in advance

  4. you said you spent 600 dollars on promotions, how much did she ask for one promotion?

  5. This video is really helpful! Did you buy the necklace so the influencer can wear it?

  6. Man you just gained a subscriber for your transparency and authenticity. And I can't even use that influencer cause I'm not in that niche but I do know about the power of Inf-Marketing. If I had a DropShipping channel and was good at talking in front of the camera (cause I'm not lol) I'd def aim to be as transparent as you are. Keep winning!

  7. Any tips when negotiating with the supplier for lower prices + faster shipping? asking for a friend👀

  8. Aliexxpress store. I can provide VIP LINK. Currently the fastest 9 days and the slowest 15 days. 8-15 days to US

  9. How much you paid to influencer for story?
    And is it series of 3 stories or only one?

  10. E.

    Sebastian, I noticed you only talk about strategies but have actually never done a real proper challenge and shown your ad account versus your store. This doesn’t mean I doubt you, but I feel there is something you aren’t doing.

  11. are you able to get VIP and premium customer deals bc you show them that you make a lot of money on other stores? How would the negotiating process be for a newbie?

  12. Your a legend for daily uploading and no course that’s how you know your doing this for the passion of it and not profit 😢💯

  13. I linked this with my store , I think I get more sales 🤔😌 anyone have experience.

  14. how did the influencer advertise it?

  15. Very helpful content 👍
    My ad account has been disabled in between running ads and I have requested for review but it replies that It has been permanently disabled .I remember I didn't violate any policies. What do you think I can do ?

  16. Hands down best youtuber💯

  17. How do you ship from china in 12 days ?

  18. How to get a paid 1hr call from you ? I need to discuss many things I having trouble with

  19. Why you still have 34 orders that haven't been fulfilled?

  20. hahah those free spongebob socks lololl i like it

  21. How much engagement is good for an influencer ?

    Love the content by the way!!

  22. Why does the video show sales from September 2019 but you just uploaded the video?

  23. Free spongebob socks ahaha no way thats the best upsell ever

  24. Thanks for the vid man. Quick question, Are you or do you make individual Facebook / Instagram pages for each product or product store you create?

  25. Hey man, just a question about your capital! You mentioned a few times that because you had lots of chargebacks on your previous store, you didn’t have much capital. What did you mean by this? The reason I ask is because you profit a LOT per day, so it’s not like you have low funds? Do you put a specific percentage of your earnings towards your stores? (Clearly this is a personal question because it’s talking about your income/capital so feel free to say “piss off you don’t need to know that” 🤣)

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