[Case Study] 0-$100K in 25 Days Dropshipping (Facebook Ads)

[Case Study] 0-$100K in 25 Days Dropshipping (Facebook Ads)

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Hey everyone!

In this video, I do a case study on a new store that I’ve recently launched and scaled to over $100k in sales in 25 days.

I start by giving you some info on the product that I’m selling and a basic overview of the store setup. Then, I dive deep into my Facebook ads launch strategy to explain how I was able to scale up so quickly from complete scratch. To make it easier to understand, I broke it down into 3 phases:

1. Initial Data Collection
2. Data-Driven Targeting
3. Creative Optimization

After explaining each one of these phases, I hop into my ads manager to show you what kind of return on ad spend I was able to get week-by-week by launching with this strategy. I also reveal a week-by-week P&L statement to show you how much I had to invest in getting this off the ground, and how much I profited.

*** At the end of the video, I make a special announcement about my course. On July 20th, I will be closing enrollment for ~1 month to add new course content. I will be adding a FULL case study revealing the store, and new Facebook ads strategies based on over $500k of my own ad spend in 2019 (so far). The course will be relaunching in August, and the price will be going UP. ***

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33 Thoughts to “[Case Study] 0-$100K in 25 Days Dropshipping (Facebook Ads)”

  1. Let me know what you think in the comments, and also watch until the end for a special announcement about eCom Blueprint! Hope you all have a good weekend 😁

  2. Great content! Thanks a bunch. I do have a question. I'm trying to post a Facebook conversion ad and for source under "initiate checkout" I noticed its picking up my account ID pixel and not my business ID pixel. Is thos normal? On my shopify backend I have entered my business id pixel.

  3. I think you should make a video teaching a student how to make a Shopify website if you think that’s a good idea like this comment hey if you need one I’m down😀😀

  4. Hi everyone! I'm still not getting at which point should we change from PPE, in order to test creatives and/or audiences, to PPP campaigns, could someone help? Thx!

  5. Hey man! Thx for what u post here… always tons of value dude! May I ask u how much money u made with all ur shopify accounts? Cheers!

  6. amazing video bro. hope ur busienss excels. thnx for helping people out. ive been doing ecommerce for about 5 months but until now i haven't made any profit. finding a niche is extremely difficult for me.

  7. so gabriel what do you think is better? a general store or a niche store? because seems like all ur winning stores are niche one product type

  8. Hey bro, love the content! I see that in the first week you ran a COLD_WC and a COLD_PPE campaign. In the video you talk about how you run a PPE campaign at first. But looking at the numbers, looks like the WC campaign did way better. So should we do a WC campaign instead? What did you do in your WC campaign? View Content, ATC?

  9. You spent ~$200per day during the first phase in adspend: how did you budget your campaigns? $5 adsets? Thank you!

  10. Hi Gabriel! Does having a US supplier affects a dropshipping store on having to pay sale taxes? In other words is it considered having a physical presence? Also, can your residential location affect in any way the sale taxes you have to pay? Thanks for the great content btw learned a lot!

  11. How many 95% VV do I need to make a VV LLA?

  12. Freaking amazing information….Do you take on private clients?

  13. Hey Gabriel can you explain what you mean with the %-numbers and the segments 0-5% etc.? i also saw this in one of your other videos and didnt know what that means (@7:49) thanks

  14. guy stll has be banned from the group chat even thought . i never did anything wrong or promote anything what so ever just an unfair ban and couldnt even give me a reason

  15. check your dm i messaged you -> @_uryg_

  16. I think it’ll be very beneficial if you make a video around the potential problems that arise when starting a e-commerce business (rookie mistakes) and how to overcome these problems. Also talk about risk and how to mitigate risk too. Oh and maybe talk about the legalities of dropshipping too

  17. When you create ppe campaign do you use interests related to your product or you leave it empty and let facebook find random people?

  18. Drop shipping is so saturated. Everyone is an expert. Lmao

  19. this is all a lie none of you no lifes are gonna make no money you guys are all bums get up and get to work physically.

  20. If you want to join an amazing Discord Group with 250+ members, to learn and become a better dropshipper, please add me ChaosIgnition#7530

  21. 100k sells how much real profit of these 100 k

  22. $92K to make $22K GPM in a month

  23. I tried posting the video that's gonna be my ad(which has 1:1 aspect ratio which is suggested for ads) and facebook stretches it out so the aspect gets all messed up. I don't want to add black bars either to keep normal aspect ratio tho… so how does Gabriel do this? Do I post it in the ad section or something?

  24. Iam

    Is your course good for biggners

  25. I don't really understand about sourcing part. Do you start with AliExpress to test out (long shipping times) and then once that product is a winner, you switch to alibaba for sourcing the same product(order bulk and use fulfilment centres for fast shipping)?

  26. I am just finding your channel, i am watching this video and already interested to do what you are doing, my question is will this work from Bangladesh? thats the only thing I am worried about, as to how I can receive and send the money

  27. Hey Gabe, I think you might have mentioned this before but what're the differences between selling on Amazon vs Shopify?

  28. Hi Gabriel,

    Thank you again for this video. It's a gold mine 🙂

    Which company do you use to create your new video ads? Do you have any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance


  29. Hi Gabriel, would you give the name of the agency you are working with for the ads ? I am struggling finding one 🙁 Thank you for all the great content!

  30. Hello Big bro, first of all thank you for all your videos, I love them! Now you specifically caught my attention with this one because I'm about to register on shopify and open my first store but I have a problem, I currently live in Ukraine and it's not a country supported by stripe or shopify payment, so I wanted to know which services you advise me to use for my shopify store where I will not have to justify the activity straight at the beginning apart from PayPal. Thanks in advance for your answer you're more than helpful. Keep it up💪

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