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Can You Really Get Paid to do Amazon Reviews?

Can You Really Get Paid to do Amazon Reviews?

Have you seen the ads on Facebook telling you that you can get free items for reviewing products? It thought it was time to look into this and see if it’s legitimate or not.

Check out http://www.FakeSpot.com to analyze product reviews.


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24 thoughts on “Can You Really Get Paid to do Amazon Reviews?

  1. My strategy with these sellers that refund you for good reviews is to only select products that basically work well or don't work at all. That way, the 5 star reviews are warranted. If not the product sucks and is not as advertised, I just straight up return it and give it a bad review. Somehow I have never had to do that in the dozens of reviews I've made. I usually only deal with sellers that don't force you to give 5 stars and are okay with 4. Sometimes they question me but I tell them it looks more legit lmao. I'd only be worried about the longevity of the product, but so far none of them have failed me. Besides, I can always change my review after they already Paypal me the money if the product craps itself.

  2. I guess a positive 5 star review could be "It operates reliably. No fire department services required during the making of this review."

  3. My ex used to do these reviews. We were getting 2-3 packages every day from amazon. We had piles of amazon boxes in our living room. A pile of stuff she was going to keep and a pile of stuff she intended to sell. Some sellers will even pay you for the positive reviews. We had so much useless/ random crap filling up our apartment.

  4. 6:50 but u did wrong, you loved the product. Now with your edit text seems that product is a crap, and u were paid to say its good, but thats wrong because u really think it's good.

  5. I actually wanted the lights after he set them up 🤣

  6. I've fallen for a few of these. After I've done a few of them I still occasionally get some random Emails from some of these sellers that I've worked with. But they always just send inquires about some random set of items that I have no interested in. Like for say a dog product or jewelry or something like that. The thing is that I have no dogs nor do I really care that much for Jewelry. Overall to sum it up is that these sellers are just bribing for a 5 star review so that their product listing will be seen/recommended more. But I do like to do some legit free product reviews just to help promote the product and/or give testing feedback on the product. But really though when someone offers me a free product to test/review I don't expect for me to spend money on the product and then get the money sent back to me after I've posted a review.

  7. MDM

    Big stars get paid to endorse products.

  8. As long as the review is honest its not a scam

  9. Amazon will mark anyone that their AI think they are doing review for rebate. It will surely affect normal reviewer as well since the AI is doing stupid thing and Amazon concern team will ignore your concern

  10. I am going to buy some of those lights

  11. Amazon deleted my negative reviews over and over again. I've had sellers try to coerce my negative reviews with sob stories . "Please remove negative review or I'll get fired and I'm a student in college …blah blah..blah…What's the point in giving a product review if it's deceptive?

  12. "This is super sketchy. But I got the product.. But I broke the law reviewing it highly.. So I gave a disclaimer that it was a sponsored review.. But the free lights were great so I bought a set." Wild ride.

  13. Hong Kong is not India or Nigeria

  14. I bought… Something… Private… For like 50$ at some point, based on a pretty good score on Amazon.
    When I got it, I can't say I was very happy with it, and gave it a 2 star review.
    It didn't take 24 hours before I received an email about how they'd refund me 30$ if I would either delete the review or change it to 5 star.
    I'm not a very stand up kinda guy, but I do have some morals, and edited the review to tell how they had contacted me about this. I must have received at least 20 emails over the next year offering full refund if I deleted the review. They did give up after that though.

  15. Trusts me yes, technically we get refund after our reviews goes live… so we basically get free product and refund…

  16. when has marketing ever been honest? just another dude doing a crappy thing coz everyone else is doing it.

    In this world doing good = being poor.
    (unless you have the emotional strength of 10,000 women)

  17. Watching this just made me want to also buy some LED lights for my office space.

  18. Saw a very similar packaged lights (probably same product, different brand) at Walmart recently for $15 Canadian, but ended up shelving it… maybe I'll go back for it after seeing it in action.

  19. that led is 5$ usd at my country, GG

  20. I remember I got a card with my purchase that said If I leave a 5 star review, they would send me 50$ amazon gift card. I didnt believe it so i didnt do it. I regret it now lol. The purchase was 70 and i could of got 50 back.

  21. Hello sir, good evening from Nigeria , I just watched your videos about people who defraud others for money , I must say you're a good man for revealing the info to the world , how can I get your WhatsApp number because I would like to communicate with you and ask you so many questions, I have been scammed by my fellow nigerians and in other websites such as alliexpress please do give me a feedback coz I know you can see this mesaage thanks 😊

  22. Did Amazon ever take down the review?

  23. It's an interesting thought, If you are based in Europe on a European version of Amazon are you still bound by US federal criminal law? (Although their could be a similar European statute depending on which country you are in!)

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