Buying To Trade Up At Buffalo Exchange Let's Go Sourcing Ep 31

Buying To Trade Up At Buffalo Exchange Let's Go Sourcing Ep 31


Katy shops for tees to trade up at Buffalo Exchange and Vikki makes the ultimate vintage streetwear score. Can’t wait to share the highlights on this week’s Sunday Live Haul:

Link to BOSSup t-shirt (affiliate):

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If you’re active on Facebook, we co-lead the BOSS group with founder and eBay extraordinaire Theresa Cox! We focus more on the business and numbers side of things, we’re not even scared to talk taxes. If you’re looking for a positive and motivational reseller community, this is a new but growing group for you:

Victoria’s LV Pink Panther website:

LV Pink Panther eBay store:

Victoria’s Instagram, @lvpinkpanther:

My thrifter Instagram, @katyzilverberg:

My (poorly maintained) Instagram, @aboutiqueforhim:

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My Etsy shop, A Boutique For Him:

Email us at:

Products we use (affiliate links):

Our new projection screen we use for backdrop:

Our new ring light:

Shrink wrap for shipping shoes:

Original lighting kit we used (good starter):

Zebra thermal printer (slightly different model but same):

Thermal labels (Zebra compatible):

Bubble wrap Vikki uses:

Awesome, affordable poly mailers:

Clear packing tape (strong):

YouTube vlogging camera I use for pre-recorded videos:

Postal scale:

Computer monitor (I use two, best set up):

KDC scanner Theresa uses for retail arbitrage:


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25 Thoughts to “Buying To Trade Up At Buffalo Exchange Let's Go Sourcing Ep 31”

  1. I agree keep the peace give the shirt to Katy. You guys are hilarious.

  2. Katy, you are very convincing! I think you earned it! 😉

  3. Great video, lol! I picked up a Reyn Spooner Christmas(!) Hawaiian Muumuu at the bins recently and said "score!" while my friend looked at me like I was crazy, ha ha.

  4. Yah, you got it and on the cheap, you just made my day!

  5. PS-LOVE Katy's facial expressions!

  6. You guys crack me up! I have to vote for Katy on this one. It's only fair because she did get you the Rein Spooner Shirt right?
    Just sayin…😘
    I can't wait to see what you guys got on Sunday!
    Thanks for the great vlog!!! You guys rock!!!!!!!

  7. Funny stuff, you two and I totally get it. Hope you get the shirt and for less than the 20!

  8. This is my new entertainment … the 2 of you and coffee – my lifes complete – LOL !! (and OMG, the dogs !! <3)

  9. Give the streetwear to Katy!!!!

  10. Glad I'm not the only one who's not a DISNEY fan, HATE IT!

  11. I LIVED in Esprit in high school!

  12. Just a question, why do you not sell the ones that didn't make the cut yourself? Do you just consider them too low value? Thanks.

  13. I have been to the Flora-Bama Lounge in Gulf Shores Alabama. It's a dive bar. LOL

  14. Kept the peace Vikki – Give it to her!

  15. I could not stop laughing at the bickerfest. I think Vikki should have threatened to go on a home cooking strike if you go on a chauffeur strike! Hmm. I wonder who would cave first? Lol!!

  16. Thoroughly enjoyed vid Katy and Victoria. Wonderful relationship you two have and easy to see you love each other. Interesting re your collecting of shirts to swap with Buffalo Katy Your a softie getting shirt for Vicky at Goodwill. Australia …Glenda 💖

  17. I giggled "She has a process" … LOL — I love the sourcing videos.

  18. I vote to give it to Katy!!! LOL 😆

  19. Great Video But they didn't take the EAZY E😳 that's why i always take stuff back because one buyer knows more then the next. I went the other day and the girl who started my buy put a few back she had to go the next buyer came and i act like they hadn't been seen she buys a few out of the return items🤦🏾 then went one time and the buyer didn't know who Marvin Gaye or Excape the manager came to talk to me because she likes to see my stuff and told her to buy it she was mad because she didn't know who they where…🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾

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