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BRUTALLY HONEST eBay Dropshipping Store Review (Mistakes to avoid) ?

BRUTALLY HONEST eBay Dropshipping Store Review (Mistakes to avoid) ?

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15 thoughts on “BRUTALLY HONEST eBay Dropshipping Store Review (Mistakes to avoid) ?

  1. Hey Paul, I watch your videos, 2-3 in a day. You are cool. Very cool. Your videos are simple and it's easy to watch your all information that you giving to us for free.
    I think to buy a Dropshipping Titans course. 🙂
    Thank you for lessons. 😉

  2. Hey, Can you tell me the name of this store item description template?

  3. Like always another fantastic video THUMBS  UP to you Paul.

  4. Hi Paul I am just now starting my online eBay dropping from Walmart but I want to do it in a smart way…so my question is how do I dropship correctly from Walmart to eBay? I was thinking I should only get items that I could do in store pick up, just in case and items that were small just in case I have to get the item from Walmart then ship it myself…is that a good idea, does it even matter? Also, should I use a Walmart gift card to get items or my pay pal cash card, what would you recommend?

  5. Hi Paul
    I only see you talking about EBay dropping shipping nowadays. Isn’t Amazon dropping working anymore?

  6. hi guys isnt it SHAdy that autods has blocked my pending post that i have on here from their fb group??
    thats Suspect no?
    what u think Paul??

  7. Thanks for the quick review of my store Paul ? I saw one of the items and thought i sell that item then looked again and was like, hey thats me! ?

  8. AUTO DS IS A RIP OFF SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!
    They tell you it will be one price and you pay that price, then every month they try to double the price or suddenly come up with a new policy that is not documented anywhere and want to charge extra fees.
    They are liars and scammers!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plus the software doesn't work 50% of the time when trying to upload!!!!!

  9. Paul what is your favorite Auto DS Template ?

  10. We need more reviews , i like the idea, and its helpfull

  11. hi paul im just wondering why my ebay store is charging sales tax to customers even though i have not reached economic nexus in any state. its very concerning to me

  12. Good video Paul thanks for the content !!

  13. Hi, Paul so i started AMZ to Ebay dropshipping about a month ago and im having some issues with autods can you please provide some insight into my issues with them>? This is a copy of a post i have :
    Hello i have been using this app for less than a month with 2K listings i have several issues which prevent me from scaling to Anchor store:

    1 My Aliexpress auto order does not work. chat support says developers are investigating after failed troubleshooting steps. the orders come in but i have to manually order on aliexpress. Which is ok for now. i understand this is in Beta.

    2 hipshipper integration is not working. i have HS rules set and the items get sent to HS as pending but the items get sent directly to the customer not hs warehouse. after failed troubleshooting this is being investigated by developers.

    3 my ebay account got suspended for 3 days after adding VERO items thru autods helper. (i have reported the items to be added to VERO LIST)

    AMZ to Ebay auto ordering is working like a charm!

    i am looking forward to my first call with my mentor Clayton

    any help on this is appreciated. thanks


  14. Loving this segment. Can't wait for more.

  15. I always add a photo of a cute puppy (plenty of stock shots on the internet) rather than a logo. You need every edge and you would be surprised how people are swayed by something so simple.

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