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Bluehost WordPress Tutorial youtube | Create WordPress website using [Bluehost]

Bluehost WordPress Tutorial youtube | Create WordPress website using [Bluehost]

✅ Welcome to my Bluehost WordPress tutorials [2021] which focuses on how to install WordPress on Bluehost to create a website
👉 Get Started With Bluehost ➜ https://bit.ly/3c1wV0s 💥Introductory Discount💥


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Bluehost WordPress Tutorials | Create WordPress Website 2021 | Bluehost WordPress hosting Tutorials
Comprehensive Review and My Experience Using Bluehost

time stamps
0:00 what’s inside the video
0:27 About WordPress and Bluehost.
3:39 Bluehost hosting signup process.
8:15 Bluehost extra discount trick.
10:55 Bluehost hosting plan selection.
12:30 email from Bluehost.
14:03 Theme for WordPress website.
15:00 WordPress dashboard.

Alright, guys and girls, let’s do it. So for starters, you can visit the WordPress dot org’s site. If you want To, meet WordPress, but you don’t need to be on the site. It all you don’t need to click, get WordPress or download WordPress at all because our Web host of choice today, BlueHost has unlimited copies of WordPress and they’ll install it for us along with giving us a free domain name. But it is kind of fun to be here just toe click on the showcase and see who else uses WordPress just like you’re gonna be doing like Sony, Facebook and Atlantis, Arianna and all the other big names. So we’re gonna visit BlueHost in just a second and get started. But first I want to bring in our handy stopwatch just to show you that setting up the domain name and Web hosting and installing WordPress takes about as much time as it does toe cook up of breakfast with a cup of coffee,

which for me is about 10 minutes. Alright, guys and girls. So let’s jump right in. I’m gonna leave you a special link to visit BlueHost right beneath the video. So this is just an example from a previous video. People followed and you’ll see beneath the video you’re watching. It will say something like Get the biggest discount at BlueHost right there. And I’m gonna do this for two reasons. One Bluehost offers the general public some prices. But you’re my audience. So I want you to get a better price because we get the best stuff and you can use that link to guarantee you’ll get that. And two, I just wanna make sure everyone’s on exactly the same page. So we’re all using the same tools to set up a website. Sometimes different websites try to impersonate Bluehost and people get confused. We don’t wanna worry about any of that. So believe me, not everyone sees or finds this link. It’ll be right beneath the video right at the top, and you can just click it to get started.

All right. Perfect. Welcome to BlueHost.
And once you’re here, we can just click on the Bluehost icon at the top just to make sure that we’re on the home page. Alright,
guys, here we are at Bluehost newcomers To Bluehost usually say this site looks affordable,

organized and easy to navigate. And I would have to agree. Speaking of navigation, most of the buttons on this site will take you to a WordPress set up page.BlueHost is tailored for WordPress,
and all the plans are built with WordPress in mind. Of course, we’re going to get the most affordable plan, though,
which is all you need to set up WordPress. And we’re gonna proceed. This set up Bluehost hosting with a free domain name.
Free SSL included the famous one-click WordPress install and 24/7 support.
And we’re going to see if BlueHost really is,
as many people say,

the best host.Alright, So blue.
This is still the number one host on the WordPress page. Last time I checked at WordPress dot org’s slash hosting. There they are, number one Onley Three hosts made this list so super coveted Honorable spot. And we’re going to see if they are,
in fact, the best web post and give them a good, thorough examination.

All right, so to get started with the cheapest planet BlueHost, just click get started now. All right? And next, we need to select our plan. So, of course, we’re going to go with the cheaper option here on the left. It gives us our website. We’re going to get 50 gigabytes space on meter band with standard performance, all sorts of other cool features that you might not really even care about right now. The main difference between the basic and the plus is that the basic plan gives you one website and the plus plan gives you unlimited websites,
meaning you can set up your friend’s website,

your other companies website, your family’s website on the plus plan. But if you just want to get one website going as we do right now, the basic plan is ideal and you can always upgrade at any point. If you’re wondering about that 50 gigabytes,
it’s gonna be really hard for you to fill that space. You’re gonna try really hard. I’ve blogged for almost 10 years now. I had to your blogger and the blogger doesn’t even weigh that much. So you never tried really hard.



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