Big Lots Retail Arbitrage – How ANYONE Can Make Easy Money Selling on Amazon and Ebay

Big Lots Retail Arbitrage - How ANYONE Can Make Easy Money Selling on Amazon and Ebay

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44 Thoughts to “Big Lots Retail Arbitrage – How ANYONE Can Make Easy Money Selling on Amazon and Ebay”

  1. Yeah the pantry stuff on amazon, you have to have a certain membership to buy the item

  2. Thrift School, I have been watching your videos for many years now. I used to do thrifting but I stopped cause you can’t scale that unless you have employees. Now I do RA & OA and make 6 figures doing that. And I have to say this is one of the worst RA videos on the internet. You don’t know shit about these sales ranks in the video. Only 3 items out of the 14 you said were profitable I would buy. There is money in Big Lots, every time I walk into a Big Lots I make at a minimum $40 on fast sales rank items. But it’d because I have literally scammed almost every item. I am not sure if your trying to hype up this video and you know the items are shitty ranked to get views, or your just really bad at RA categories rank. Either way it’s videos like these that get everyone on the RA bandwagon, and than they find out it’s not all the hype that these videos are.

  3. Thanks for the video! What camera are you using? Looks nice, steady and clear.

  4. Does the shipping to Amazon eat into that margin (in some cases seems slim at only a few dollars)? Or is that factored into your seller app?


  6. Do you post an item on multi platforms? Like on Ebay and Mercari?

  7. Man, those damn odds and ends trinkets aren't worth a damn to go through the hassle of trying to FBA them! Teach ppl how to look for higher profit stuff bro

  8. Seems like a lot of work for little money 😕 always good info!!

  9. who would buy animal cookies for $9?

  10. I could never do this stuff where you flip stuff for 1 dollar or 2 dollars….i feel like that takes more time then its worth

  11. Don't buy the as seen on TV items!!!! You'll get it claims!!!!!

  12. be car full with "as seen on TV items" i got a IP complaint on one a Headlamp

  13. By the way, DO NOT SELL "as it seen tv" and "Bulbhead" on Amazon b/c you will get IP claim

  14. Don't rely on amazon ranking solely when thinking about purchasing the item b/c it is not that accurate. If you have inaccurate data, you will lose money in the end. You need to use Keepa to find out how often it sell in given time periods and from that data you could accurately judge if the item is good or not. If you are FBA seller, last thing you want is to have tons of dead stock items in your inventory

  15. "Pantry" on Amazon is a category that ONLY Amazon can sell in, so every 3rd party seller is restricted from that. People that order in Pantry have to fill a 25 pound box. It's a weird program. Also, I never buy anything with no rank. Oh, And personally I stay below 100,000 sales rank in grocery category.

  16. If you're a Big Lots Reward Member, they often have 20% off weekends. Also, every three times you scan your card you'll get a $5 off $15 coupon emailed to you. That will help lower the out of pocket 🙂

  17. awesome video! learned alot. thanks!

  18. That's a weird looking Big Lots sign.

  19. I like watching you do Arbitrage… Keep them coming.. thank Bruce

  20. Damn that big lots is open early

  21. You can always try this….on the seller app where it shows you your gross proceeds and the rank usually…click “features & details” copy the ASIN, open up a separate web page on your phone’s browser and copy and paste it into keepa or camelcamelcamel (if they ever get it fixed lol) and sometimes you can get some more detailed info as far as sales go. You can also do the same if you’re ever restricted one something and just have your sellercentral open/add a product copy and paste the ASIN and you can apply to see if you’ll get approved right then & there

  22. Don’t sell as seen on tv items they’re known for ip claims

  23. Would, not buy food from no one off ebay or amazon, that is just gross.

  24. when it comes to toys at Big Lots, the key is finding a toy that is discontinued or really hard to find. For example, before Christmas, there were some elite wrestling figures going for 40 bucks and they were priced at 15. Made some good money on those. And, there was the Dr. Strange 12 inch toy figure that they were selling for 10 dollars and it was selling on Amazon for 35. Score.

    And, you make a good point about not showing every single profitable item. In that very video they had a Baby Groot toy in the aisle. looked like there were about 5 of them. I saw those at my Big Lots a few days ago. They sell for 10 dollars and the lowest price at the time on Amazon was 25 dollars. I left them because I've been doing this a while and already know the deal. The current low price is 19.95 and dropping.

  25. Money back, shipping fee, packaging fee, then you have a profit margin zone. Doesnt always work for me.

  26. Great video. My man does not like the morning shift.👍🌞

  27. You have to pay for shipping right?? How long does it take for them to send you a check?

  28. Why do u park a block away from the store? I noticed in every video u do that

  29. How did you guys pack chips send to fba? Do you usually send it separately with other inventory? I do mostly toys, and i found toys with tins will get damage. Any thoughts?

  30. love that you show us exactly what to look at and explain things so clear.

  31. FYI look at your dollar tree. Just picked up some never wet for a buck. Great deal

  32. Thrift School Over Here!!!!


  34. Listen to the Beared Pickers channel in reference to 'as seen on TV' products. Not recommended.

  35. I try and stay under 80K in grocery so they sell fast!! Don't you use the FREE Jungle Scout Sales Calculator…it's FREE!!

  36. Also remember everywhere you go theres a senior discount on a certain day of the week . Don't sleep on taking a oldie but a goody with you to cash out. . .

  37. Jesse just a thought Big lots puts EVERYTHING in the store 20% off every couple month's for the weekend with a coupon(you can pu in the store or local newspaper) Job Lots does the same. They both have big clerance aisles and job lot does a card carrying thing that you're special and get whatever you spend in a gift card in the same amount. They been doing ALL kinds of stuff. Like for example they had 32 oz can coffee for $2.99 going for $14.99 and if you bought 10 you got a gift card for $30.00 free coffee make around 150.00 before fees. They been doing a 'eat for free' thing lately. Don't wanna give everything away tho

  38. Fun vid to watch. Who the hell pays $15.00 for a back of chips?!?

  39. Great video !! I found Pokemon click pens at the Dollar Tree and they sell for $10 each at Walmart.

  40. Bro keep doing what you doing man great video..

  41. Those chocolate Frosties had family pack on the app picture, which wasn't on the store packet… may want to check weight of pack.

  42. How to get your iPhone 8 to scan bar codes for ebay

  43. Are you afraid of someone getting sick when you sell the food??? Just wondering on that.

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